Thursday, March 26, 2015

Felix cumpleanños a mí

January 12, 2015

Dear Family,

This week we realized the importance of working with the members again, just when our Ward Mission Leader told us that he´s taking his family to Culican... Let´s see who we can reactivate in order to replace him. I didn´t have time to make the brownie mix you sent me Mom, so we ate pudding for my Birthday. Saterdays are always so full, inviting EVERYONE to just come to church.

I finally brought the package that Grandma y Grandpa Tobler sent to the apartment, and it has MORE TRAETS AND FOOD! I didn´t even buy food todfay, I have been given so many things from the Christmas season. 

I did get a pleasing telephone call from the wife of the President on Saterday. She told me that the Lord was very pleased of my dedicated service so far away from my own home and the I am truely helping His children, my brotheren, to return to His presence. The Lord has given me one more year to live, that I may have the joy here opn earth and continue serving my fellow man. I love the Lord, and I know that this work is real and true. I love my family, and I know that I will return and have years more to continue serving Heavenly Father´s Children. 


Elder Tobler

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