Thursday, March 26, 2015

Felix cumpleanños a mí

January 12, 2015

Dear Family,

This week we realized the importance of working with the members again, just when our Ward Mission Leader told us that he´s taking his family to Culican... Let´s see who we can reactivate in order to replace him. I didn´t have time to make the brownie mix you sent me Mom, so we ate pudding for my Birthday. Saterdays are always so full, inviting EVERYONE to just come to church.

I finally brought the package that Grandma y Grandpa Tobler sent to the apartment, and it has MORE TRAETS AND FOOD! I didn´t even buy food todfay, I have been given so many things from the Christmas season. 

I did get a pleasing telephone call from the wife of the President on Saterday. She told me that the Lord was very pleased of my dedicated service so far away from my own home and the I am truely helping His children, my brotheren, to return to His presence. The Lord has given me one more year to live, that I may have the joy here opn earth and continue serving my fellow man. I love the Lord, and I know that this work is real and true. I love my family, and I know that I will return and have years more to continue serving Heavenly Father´s Children. 


Elder Tobler


This is a picture of my companion who played American football before his mission and goes for the 49ERS and the Cougars. I was receiving numbers and data from the sisters on Thursday night.

Elder Tobler se queda

January 5, 2015

Dear Family,

This week was a nice week to end training Elder Ruiz, and to end me time in this sector- but the Lord has other Plans. Elder Tobler se queda, and so I stay here to continue establishing the church here in the wards Palmeras y Los Altos. I will continue working hard and I hope this week ends better. I don’t have a lot to say since Thursday...

We received the Translados really late, on Sunday at 9. The Zone Leaders told me that I’m staying here, my trainee left to San Quentin (Far, far away), and that the most part of the Zone stayed the same. It is not a bad stake to pass this time of year, but I’ll be here until about Valentine’s Day. The President mentioned that December was not a good month for us, and that we can better ourselves as a mission. I night train again in February, but for now I’ll just focus on the baptisms we have right now. We have several for January and February, and I hope to find the other 3 baptisms for February and all 4 for the month of March.

Good to here that life is back on track in Utah, I hope there is plenty of snow to enjoy there as you all return to your classes. Kenzie mentioned to me in a moment that she wants to go on a mission- I want to confirm that thought before it was made public. I hope Livi is doing well and that she stops growing until I come home! Wow, and Kenzie is going back to college, I heard that it is ABSOLUTELY FROZEN in Logan. 

As for me currently I have a frog in my throat, just the funnier to speak Spanish as an American, but enjoying the mission. I should have an awesome birthday, since I’m going to be in this same sector after all.

I love this mission. I am extremely grateful for my president, and I am grateful for our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ, and I hope to live in His kingdom aside our Heavenly Father. I love you all, and I hope you can continue perfecting yourselves ddia con dia.


Elder Tobler


Dear Family,

January 1, 2015

This week we had an awesome time! We enjoyed navidad and today we organized another game of soccer, this time with the Zone leaders. The sisters in my zone had one baptism and two confirmaciones, and it looks like these wards are finally going to have a baptism! We have two baptisms that are extremely sure in January, and we are filling up February rapidly. We saw Ceaser Valdez twice this week, and although he hasn't been able to make it to church His family is still doing very well, and enjoying the holidays. They have plans to be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple, and I offered them a room. I want to everything I can this week so that this holiday time they can go to church again.

The only downside- I don't know if I’ll be here to see all of this success. Translados are Monday, and odds are good that I'll be changed to another area. We had a hope that they would open Palmeras in order to ease the workload to something normal (if that even exists in the Service of the Lord), maybe spilling me and my trainee up to show the new companions the sector. They issue is that they are minimizing the number of missionaries in the mission to only about 200, and with two wards that don't take up a bunch of land and the minimal progressive results in the Work, it may be a long time before they re-open Palmeras. So, in short, odds are good that my newly trained son will stay here enjoying success in a tough part of the mission.

As for food, the only thing special about it was that there was A LOT!

We have found some really cool people to teach ultimately, and they appear to be receptive to our message.

I love this Fully Dedicated service to the Lord, and I am Grateful for the pains, the tiring days, and the heartache that passes in Mission Life. It gives me more joy only thinking in the success one could obtain, and the glory a soul can receive as they make their first covenant with our Heavenly Father. I know that he loves each and every one of us, and has given us this life to learn, experience, and prepare. I know that this is a real physical work that can bring families and influence the salvation of many Children of God. I hope that all is well at home, and I will write on Monday I believe.


Elder Tobler

Navidad en México

December 22, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, this week went so much better! We found so many new people to teach, and no our days are filling up with work. I am enjoying the Holiday Spirit, after a few tough weeks when my companion and I felt really low, we are extremely grateful to have the Spirit of the Lord guiding us as we put forth our efforts to serve Him.

Well, it has rained a couple times here, and after a dry year for this region of the world, it is good to have precipitation. I would like to snow in Utah as well, but more snow always falls in January. I have had no problem staying warm, a few members gave me some more socks.

Great! Kenzie is working and earning money! With the college life let's see how long she can keep it. Livi, well we all know that she is a whirlwind child, and the holiday time with a school break doesn't help one bit. I'll see how Cami is doing on Wednesday.

I Love this time I have dedicated to our Lord. I know that is a true and real work. I am grateful for the little miracles and whispers that constantly teach us to choose and do the right, and I know that this year we can feel of the Love of God even greater in our homes if we accept His Gift. I know that this church is true and was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and that our Savior Jesus Christ Lives, and I hope to enter into His mansions above. 

Feliz Navidad! I love you!

Elder Tobler


December 15, 2014

Dear Family,

Quickly I want to let you know that This week as extremely tough as a missionary, but the spirit of Christmas has definitely come to México, even though it doesn´t even think about snowing here. We had a multi-zone training meeting followed by a Christmas dinner and activities. It has been he only gay we have enjoyed ourselves as a mission like his, and I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL FOR THE LOVE MY LEADERS HAVE FOR ME. Tell me what your plans are for Christmas, so that we can coordinate with the families well with the phone call and the various meals that they will undoubtedly give us. I have received a card from the Beverly’s this week, and I am filling up the tree even more, it is a wonderful idea! I will send you a photo of the tree after Christmas. I am dry, they say I’m healthy, and I am actually skinning up, which is the reverse of what happens around December. Good this it’s almost Christmas, right? Remember to Share the Gift! Through Christ we can be redeemed for our sins. I know that he has risen, and that we can appreciate His atoning sacrifice this winter and put emphasis in life and in the life we can have thanks to him. I love you all, and I am grateful for all of your thoughts and prayers.


Elder Tobler

No sé que debo poner como titulo este semana...

December 8, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, this week went well. There was a ward baptism on Monday, my district just about abandoned me due to their responsibilities as sister training leader and Zone leaders, my companion is on the brink of revolt if we don’t baptize someone soon, and the few investigators we still have are battling with the Word of Wisdom. It is awesome to say that we are well into December, and this week we have a president’s training meeting and a zone meeting. This should be awesome!

As for food, I found sweet potatoes in México! This ward feeds us well, there is no problem about staying nourished physically here.

Do not worry about the gifts distracting me- you could have sent me a real Christmas tree if you wanted :P I thought it was really great. I also thought this would've been my first year where I could eat all my Halloween candy before Christmas came. I was wrong. I am going to finish off the candy corn tonight, I think. There has not been problems with the packages yet- If there is one, I am positive you will hear about it. Thank you so much for all of the candy and gifts. This week I received my stocking and a package from the Hallorans. If Liz Halloran only knew how many dogs roamed around here in Tijuana, she might just move here! I notified you as soon as I was informed that it could be an issue, and in part that was why the President timed it so perfectly- no enormous packages in size or number for 2015.

Well, imagine walking around in 70 degree weather when everyone is telling you to put on a coat. I have been borrowing my companions sweaters and wearing my long-sleeve shirts just so the members amongst other people don't give me a huge parka. Christmas does not feel the same here, but I imagine that the Cross Country just came back from their Footlocker Mt. Sac trip. Say hi to the coaches if you have the chance. I would ask Cami, but she is almost as awesome as a Jaguar over there in South Jordan. I am glad that the Madrigals passed by once again, that always is really special. Sharing the Gift has helped me feel the Christmas Spirit more and the Christmas devotional the church does was cool to see. 

I am grateful for this great responsibility I have to be a missionary and I am proud to represent Our Lord, who came down in the innocent form of a babe, lying in a manger. I have found great joy raising my voice in testimony to many children of God, so that they too can take part of the saving ordinances that only this church has. I love each and every one of you, and Feliz Navidad de Tijuana a Utah! Reciban un saludo!

Sincerely, Elder Tobler

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hay de todo- Él es la Dádiva

December 1, 2014

Dear family, 

This week, there was a little bit of everything. To begin with, we helped out a family that is troubled with their health, with a son struggling for a job. Because we are working between two wards, we arranged that two young adults who are hiring for their jobs and one is a registered nurse (o algo asi) to support this family better. Well be sticking around this week to see if any problems arise. It is also extremely entertaining to see how my trainee is having new experiences in the mission. We had one with a drunk that meant us no harm but would allow us to leave, we went on divisiones or splits for the first time, and he had his first thanksgiving in México, but without turkey. It is truly an inverted experience, think that one year ago I was finishing my preparation in the CCM of Provo, having passed for experiences similar in my first month in the mission. I have to help out with a baptism of a member today.

Yes, many families here in South San Diego celebrate Thanksgiving, except the ones we visited that day. We were busy trying to keep a few investigators progressing towards their baptisms in December and helping one of them find an apartment. But I have eaten tortillas and Turkey en the same meal before.  We really like pizza and Tortas my companion and I. Yesterday I ate ceviche, but this time it had octopus.

I did get your packages, the one with a Christmas tree and candy, and the package from Grandma y Grandpa Tobler with stickers and socks. Thank you for your love and for sending a piece of Christmas to start the season right. Weirdly I was actually singing Christmas songs before December 1 this year, it must have been a long time since I last had a normal Christmas. 

He is the Gift. Él es la Dádiva. This is our privilege and responsibility to share the Gift this Christmas season with everyone! If we still receive the ENSIGN, there should be nine (9) little cards that will assist you to talk to our friends and associates about the Salvation we can experience thanks to this Gift sent from our Heavenly Father. I invite the four of you in West Jordan (Mom, Dad, Cami, Livi) to hand out four before Sunday, and the other five before Christmas. On Sunday the church has bought the headpage of YouTube in addition to the webpage in order to show this video with the world. and are the select WebPages created by the church.

Did I forget to tell you how many dogs are running loose here? Well, maybe it{s better if I don’t, but I am more familiar with the dogs on the street corners than the few petes the members and investigators own. It is good to here that you had family time, and frankly Dad your school district likes to take it easy, with a lot of vacations, no? It is so nice seeing the Christmas season flourish now that December is here.

I know that this is the true church here on earth, and I know we are all very blessed to remember the birth and the sacrifice of Him who redeemed us all. I am proud to be a representative of the only church fully restored by the hand of God, and I know that Joseph Smith was selected to be the means to end a dark time of apostasia. I do know with a certainty that the Book of Mormon is the convincing evidence of this, and we all have the opportunity to read its words, comprehend its doctrine, and feel the Spirit of God as we continue persevering to the end. I love this privilege I have been given to expand His kingdom here on earth, and to serve the Lord very personally and very profoundly.


Elder Tobler

Hambre? jajaja [Hunger? lol]

November 24, 2014

Hambre? jajaja [Hunger? lol]

Hay vamos, mejorando

November 24, 2014

Dear Family,

The Elders of Palmeras didn't come! Which means that my trainee and I will continue to work between two wards. We are doing pretty well, Elder Ruiz is very excited to be fully capacitated to be autosuficient as a missionary. The President talked on this theme about a week and a half ago, how it is up to oneself, the responsibility to depend on no one or to blame others when something unexpected comes along the way. We embarked on one of our great many journeys to find the 'lost members', with a few results. Many are in poor conditions, and in two of the smallest wards in the mission there are A TON of less active church members.  We are working with a few of the families, one in particular that has several living in the house that are not members of the church. We also worked a lot with the members of Palmeras this week, but we are still having an unusually high difficulty with our appointments falling through. The sisters in my district are doing well, they have bettered their teaching skills, and now the senior companion is a Sister Training leader for the first time. She has a lot of new questions, and I can answer a few of them.

This week we found an awesome corner restaurant that sells Tortas, but as for food that's it.

We have four investigators who are progressing very well towards their baptism. One is learning how to live on his own and never really agreed to the religious beliefs of his mother. Another is a little crazy, has been here for one year and talks to us in Spanglish. Third, is the best friend of the L'ider misional de Palmeras. And the final one is one of many who are doing everything he can to be reunited with his family in California. All of them have baptismal dates in December and I hope that the find the spiritual experiences that comes in this special time of year.

The Americans and gringos here are having difficulties understanding me... I must need to teach more English to my companion. We had interviews with the mission president, and he told me that I can utilize various options that are available in the zone and gave me many specific tips on how to continue training my companion. The number of incoming missionaries is dropping back to normal, which means there are many parts of the mission that are crossing their fingers, hoping that they can retain the missionaries in their wards. I am actually excited to see what the new Plan de Area por México 2015 will be.

I am so grateful for this privilege and honor I have to serve the Lord here in the City of Tijuana. I know that he is working right beside me, and that at the end of the harvest I will be proud to look at my labors. I know that this is the true church, restored through Jose Smith. I know that we are guided by a living prophet in these latter days, and above all I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that I will be resurrected to an incorruptible form in the kingdom of our Father in Heaven. I love this work, and I am grateful to have this chance to raise my voice in testimony for these two years. 

Thank you everyone,

Elder Tobler

Animo Elder!

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,

These weeks, work, joys, Deadbread

It sounds like the pheasant hunt was good, even if it was a little crowded. Randy{s a little crazy at times, but I think if it was that crowded that you probably did nick him a little bit, Dad.  I am going to miss the Vinson home if they do decide to move before I come home.

 To clarify, I am not the big boss of the missionaries- actually, because the Assistants and the Zone leaders are technically in my district, I work usually only over a companionship of sister missionaries. I prefer this perspective in the work, even if it is one of the positions where much is demanded. I am still in the process of creating the DL folder

It sounds pretty cold there! The people here so close to the beach always comment how fresh and cold the air is at times. I just laugh. Good luck with the cold Kenzie there at USU! Livi is growing and doing so many things, I would like to see her in the reading like a maniac that that happens to all and even to hear her play violin. I had a companion who brought his violin to the mission, but he only played it three times, there are very little opportunities here to use it.  I am proud to hear that Cami received her Patriarchal Blessing, I hope she continues to grow in her spiritual well being. I know that we are part of a grand plan that is individual and perfect. It{s sad to hear that Jack died, but I know that he lived a good life and I am privileged to have known him.

Temple completion date- June 2015 Dedication- July 2015

I will always need socks from here on out. I am running low (12) on ties, and with the Leadership responsibilities my time on P-day is a little more limited. If you could send me the ties that I left home that would be perfect. Belts I am fine for now, but if you really want to send me something with the new regulations that is an option. It looks like I am going to buy a suit for 75 Dollars soon.

 “God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.” This is a very interesting quote, that every one of us should utilize. It rarely matters the result or the reward of our actions, what matters is the process and how diligently we fulfilled our selfless service. I am grateful for this responsibility I have to be a missionary and thankful for the privilege to put forth my efforts in the service of our Lord and God. I know that this is true, that it{s real, and it is a work for everyone. I hope you find the opportunities Christ has given us to serve others, and enjoy this week everyone!


Elder Tobler

Fetch! Rapidito, este es exio en progreso

November 10, 2014

Dear family,

 Picked up my spider-man packet today. I love Mexican food. I'll read your messages next week.

There was a sister in the ward who has a daughter with stage 4 cancer in San Diego. On top of the other situations that exist in that house of reactivating members, when they had problem with their renter, they left! We helped the sister this week move her things to her new residence, and are trying to teach Pedrin, a non-member family friend, but with the intensity of the family difficulties it is a little tough.

Our ward mission leader of Barrio Los Altos came back from his two month work trip. FINALLY we can coordinate the work in that half of our proselyting area. Wee also finished revising the ward mission plans on Sunday, so we have more support from the members. We are working with a few youth in order that they can serve their missions, one of which is recently reactivated and brought his Mom (who is not a member) to church yesterday.

I am continually making vueltas a las offices of the mission to help out my district, but I love doing it. As a district we increased the number of lessons we achieved, and are bettering ourselves. That is great timing, because we have a Zone meeting and a multi-zone meeting this week. That means we should be super for diciembre and the beginning of January.

I love serving a mission. I know that in reality there is no other place where the Lord needs me to be but here. I know I can achieve great things, and I strive to maintain myself worthy to receive of his blessings. Of the three people who attended church on Sunday not one of them was someone we knew when we woke up that morning. I believe in the miracle factor, but we need to put forth our part in order to achieve the full glory the Lord has promised to bestow upon us I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. Joseph smith was the means of restoration, and we are the means of bringing to pass the Work of Salvation in these latter days. I love everyone, and have a great week!


Elder Tobler

Un año en tijuana!

November 3, 2014

Dear Family,

To celebrate my one-year mark, We sought out root beer and vanilla ice cream, and are going to have root beer floats. This past week was okay, but after an awesome conference for district líderes I lost my district binder. That was a bummer, and then when we ended our day early on Halloween our lesson count was the lowest of the year. We do have various prospects in baptism for the end of this month, but we need to shift it up into high gear in order to baptize in December. My companion is really awesome, and is learning everything rapidly- menos inglés, necesitaremos mejorar en esto. But the reality is I love being district leader, and wish to continue dedicating my service to the Lord in this position. With the change of month, we adjusted to work more in Palmeras, and instantly we see cooperation from the ward. I know that the Elders will be very blessed to open the area in the end of this month.

Breakfast continues to be one of my favorite meals, but there are still many tasty things the members have been providing me with. 

Dad could you send me more ink for the wooden pen I made? I ran out a long time ago, but that would be a cool thing to send me. If you have a particular list of souvenirs this would be the perfect time of year to look for them. Keep writing on the blog please; there Kenzie and a few friends can continue to see how I am doing without absorbing my time writing them on Monday.

I know that the Lord loves each and every one of us. I know de desires to see our happiness, and if we demonstrate our loyalty to him he will bless us and guide us through the rough spots. I know that this church is true and was restored through as young boy who questioned the chaotic world in which we live in. I know, little by little, we can continue on to live in the presence of our heavenly father and be like Him. This is my greatest desire, and I hope it is also yours.


Elder Tobler

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Los Altos y topes en la calle...

October 21, 2014

Dear Family,

This week we worked really hard with the investigators that we have right now- with little result. Though we visited just about everyone and cordially invited them to just attend church, we only had two in attendance yesterday. On Wednesday we contacted a nice couple, and we will verify this week if they still would like to listen to us, and that evening we had a Family Home Evening with Ceaser. That was so fun! His wife had the baby on Saturday, so it was completely acceptable that he didn’t make it to church. We do have some Investigators with a baptismal date. One was deported about two months ago, and the other one we just barely got to know him yesterday! Our main goal this week is to find and invite new investigators to attend church. On Saturday Elder Solano came to my Sector in interchanges. This Zone Leader is from Uruguay, and taught me many ways to utilize my leadership capabilities to direct my district. The Sisters in Libertad baptized this weekend, and the baptismal interview went so much easier that the first time.

Food this week was great! Hermana Alma gave us some ice cream with a fried tortilla chip, Huraches are pretty good, but I love my breakfast. We have french toast occasionally, eggs and hot dogs, guacamole, I never get bored. This Tuesday when Beto Arredondo gave us money to eat, we contacted a less-active member (surprise) and are trying to include her family in the ward activities.

These photos took FOREVER to send, but I couldn’t find a simpler way. I will send more when I have time. 

I want to close quickly and say that I love my savior and I love this privilege I have to serve a mission here in Tijuana. I Trust in him, and know we can accomplish all things if we actually exercise this faith we posses. I know we can rise up and soar, and that we must never fear. I know that God is our Father in Heaven, and that he has an individualized plan for us. I know this church is true, and that we are directed by a prophet today. 


Elder Tobler

Several pictures from the first year of his mission

Que paso con Los Altos?!

October 20, 2014

Dear family,

This week was not extremely different, but there were very little physical results of our efforts. On Friday I had my first baptism interview, and it went well, a little long, but he was a shy Asian youth. My companion is doing well, and it is very funny to see how the people of Tijuana interact with chilangos. Speaking of which it was his birthday on Wednesday! We ate the pudding that you sent me. That was a really good idea, I wouldn't mind if you found room for some more pudding in the next package. I taught my companion how to contact this week, which is fairly simple, because he understands the doctrine and only needs a little nudge to hasten the work here. Our convert Ceaser is still doing super well, we are going to have a family home brunch with him on Wednesday. We have some more ward members who are willing to join us in our visits- the issue is that we are running out of people who are progressing, and we need to find A LOT of new investigators. We had the chance to contact a few people, but many were references that lived in other parts of Tijuana or when we went to visit them their information was insufficient. The major accomplishment in the work of salvation was we came closer to a finalized ward mission plan for Palmeras, so the elders can return and proselyte there.

I hope you enjoyed UEA weekend, if everyone was healthy. It sounds like nearly everyone was sick, especially Mom. I hope you are all feeling better!

This week was WAY AWESOME for food. First, for lunch on Tuesday the member served us a dessert bowl that included banana, cottage cheese, apple, cinnamon, honey, and jello. The next day the same sister served us a beverage that was a blend of lemon, spinach (spinacha), and strawberry. That day she gave us crepas for dessert. Yesterday after church we had subway, and this afternoon I just ate with the Zone Leaders at a pit barbeque where we ate buffalo burgers! They didn't have any elk meat at the time. Also, this week we have been munching on pomegranate in the apartment. I hope got her fair share of fruit this summer! This upcoming week I would like to find some dead bread to eat.

Exactly how awesome is your new grill, Dad? And how does it go with the Cub scouts? I'll tell you, I am not in the same physical shape as before, and worse that I'm at sea level saying this- just wait until I am back to my mountainous home. The Wilson's project sounded humongous, did you finish it? And I hope you continue to progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mom, How are you doing? If I am right, the first quarter of school is coming to a close. Halloween is nearly here, and many people are thinking about Christmas, even here. We are compiling pictures as a mission and creating a disco of memories to remember our accomplishments this year.

To close, because the computer guy gave me my 2-minute warning, I am grateful for this chance I have to serve my brothers here in Tijuana. I know that Jesus is our perfect example and we can always look to him for strength. I know with a certainty that God loves us, and wishes that everyone of us can take the step to return to him. I have changed so much as a missionary, and I hope everyone who reads this progresses in their personal spiritual journey to the kingdom of our all-powerful Lord. This is my testimony I leave with you this week, and I hope you understand the love I have for each and every one of you.


Elder Tobler