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Los Altos y topes en la calle...

October 21, 2014

Dear Family,

This week we worked really hard with the investigators that we have right now- with little result. Though we visited just about everyone and cordially invited them to just attend church, we only had two in attendance yesterday. On Wednesday we contacted a nice couple, and we will verify this week if they still would like to listen to us, and that evening we had a Family Home Evening with Ceaser. That was so fun! His wife had the baby on Saturday, so it was completely acceptable that he didn’t make it to church. We do have some Investigators with a baptismal date. One was deported about two months ago, and the other one we just barely got to know him yesterday! Our main goal this week is to find and invite new investigators to attend church. On Saturday Elder Solano came to my Sector in interchanges. This Zone Leader is from Uruguay, and taught me many ways to utilize my leadership capabilities to direct my district. The Sisters in Libertad baptized this weekend, and the baptismal interview went so much easier that the first time.

Food this week was great! Hermana Alma gave us some ice cream with a fried tortilla chip, Huraches are pretty good, but I love my breakfast. We have french toast occasionally, eggs and hot dogs, guacamole, I never get bored. This Tuesday when Beto Arredondo gave us money to eat, we contacted a less-active member (surprise) and are trying to include her family in the ward activities.

These photos took FOREVER to send, but I couldn’t find a simpler way. I will send more when I have time. 

I want to close quickly and say that I love my savior and I love this privilege I have to serve a mission here in Tijuana. I Trust in him, and know we can accomplish all things if we actually exercise this faith we posses. I know we can rise up and soar, and that we must never fear. I know that God is our Father in Heaven, and that he has an individualized plan for us. I know this church is true, and that we are directed by a prophet today. 


Elder Tobler

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