Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trick or Treat

October 13, 2014

Dear Family,

Wow! This week was difficult, but there was so much spiritual progression for me part, the part of my companion, and for our investigators. We invited many to come to church, but only two showed up. Palomas was terribly sick, and she could barely answer the door when we passed by to see her. The members are very supportive, and we have the full confidence of the ward mission leader and the bishop en palmeras, y there are many chances to hasten the work of the Lord here.

This morning was one of the best transfers ever! And I am not saying that because Elder Castellanos se fue, but because so many things happened, and there is nothing to impede the work currently. To explain, my district leader had only one transfer left in his mission and is training a missionary from the Butcher family (who moved into uncle mike’s house, the one that got hit by lightning). I was obvioso that my companion was going to leave, and so when the phone rang we asked first to hear what would happen to me. That’s when I found out the president is making many changes in the mission! Trick or treat! My district leader and Elder Butcher went to Rosario, they put Hermanas en that sector, My companion went to Mexicali (not extremely surprising) and I am left to train a greenhorn and be district leader over the Hermanas. BOO! Well, not exactly what I expected but it’ll be good

This morning after my companion left at 6 this morning, I spent half the day with a member. He looks like Jesse, he served in the same mission as Alex Baggaley, and our minds are completemente en spanglish, or cebras segun Lubbick, Texas. We went to eat an awesome Mexican breakfast in the Pancake Place en centro, washed and cleaned, and chilled as he shared some sweet experiences from his mission.  Unlike Jesse, he drives a little better and has never been hunting- although he does want to go sometime. 

When does Jayne come home exactly?

Elder Rauiz is the name of my new companion, and he is Chilango! Only by pure definition, someone who lives in the Mexican Federal District, but his family is actually from outside the district. So far there is nothing extreme or obnoxious about him like the rest of the Chilangos that I’ve heard of, but these next 3 months will be fun!

I love you all, and I hope every one of you enjoys this week! I know that God loves us, and that through his son we can be made perfect. We must always endure, persevering forward to our goal- to live with him someday. I trust in the plan God has for us, and hope to serve my brethren honorably. 


Elder Tobler

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