Thursday, March 19, 2015

Que paso con Los Altos?!

October 20, 2014

Dear family,

This week was not extremely different, but there were very little physical results of our efforts. On Friday I had my first baptism interview, and it went well, a little long, but he was a shy Asian youth. My companion is doing well, and it is very funny to see how the people of Tijuana interact with chilangos. Speaking of which it was his birthday on Wednesday! We ate the pudding that you sent me. That was a really good idea, I wouldn't mind if you found room for some more pudding in the next package. I taught my companion how to contact this week, which is fairly simple, because he understands the doctrine and only needs a little nudge to hasten the work here. Our convert Ceaser is still doing super well, we are going to have a family home brunch with him on Wednesday. We have some more ward members who are willing to join us in our visits- the issue is that we are running out of people who are progressing, and we need to find A LOT of new investigators. We had the chance to contact a few people, but many were references that lived in other parts of Tijuana or when we went to visit them their information was insufficient. The major accomplishment in the work of salvation was we came closer to a finalized ward mission plan for Palmeras, so the elders can return and proselyte there.

I hope you enjoyed UEA weekend, if everyone was healthy. It sounds like nearly everyone was sick, especially Mom. I hope you are all feeling better!

This week was WAY AWESOME for food. First, for lunch on Tuesday the member served us a dessert bowl that included banana, cottage cheese, apple, cinnamon, honey, and jello. The next day the same sister served us a beverage that was a blend of lemon, spinach (spinacha), and strawberry. That day she gave us crepas for dessert. Yesterday after church we had subway, and this afternoon I just ate with the Zone Leaders at a pit barbeque where we ate buffalo burgers! They didn't have any elk meat at the time. Also, this week we have been munching on pomegranate in the apartment. I hope got her fair share of fruit this summer! This upcoming week I would like to find some dead bread to eat.

Exactly how awesome is your new grill, Dad? And how does it go with the Cub scouts? I'll tell you, I am not in the same physical shape as before, and worse that I'm at sea level saying this- just wait until I am back to my mountainous home. The Wilson's project sounded humongous, did you finish it? And I hope you continue to progress in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mom, How are you doing? If I am right, the first quarter of school is coming to a close. Halloween is nearly here, and many people are thinking about Christmas, even here. We are compiling pictures as a mission and creating a disco of memories to remember our accomplishments this year.

To close, because the computer guy gave me my 2-minute warning, I am grateful for this chance I have to serve my brothers here in Tijuana. I know that Jesus is our perfect example and we can always look to him for strength. I know with a certainty that God loves us, and wishes that everyone of us can take the step to return to him. I have changed so much as a missionary, and I hope everyone who reads this progresses in their personal spiritual journey to the kingdom of our all-powerful Lord. This is my testimony I leave with you this week, and I hope you understand the love I have for each and every one of you.


Elder Tobler

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