Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pocho de Bochos- take two

Side note from Jennifer 
James email last week was also labeled Pocho de Bochos, but it was a weird list, mostly in Spanish, and didn't make much sense, until the very end in which he said he finally recieved our package sent in July and "I FINALLY GOT YOUR PACKAGE! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER"

September 29, 2014
Dear Family,

All right everyone, here’s the lowdown for these past weeks. Back in Reforma it appears that a family that I left there was baptized- the mother and three daughters- along with reactivating a youth who is working on his family history. Here in Altos/Palmeras it is a little tough, this is the first area I have had that every street is paved and all of the houses are normal, many nicer than ours (from the outside). Also, I am currently working between two wards, both of which are trying to kick-start the participation of the members in the Work of Salvation. Last week we baptized Caesar, who has plans to enter the temple with his wife and his one (soon to be two) kids in a year. We were teaching a lesson with him this week, and we were explaining the part were Nephi separates from his brothers, and Caesar’s response was," How great! They were always fighting and arguing every lil' while even when an angel appeared to them and everything! Well, if I saw an angel even once that's all I'd need for a lifetime!" Hahaha, We are helping him hold weekly family home evening. The less active members are having a difficult time reactivating, and we are almost to the point that Palmeras can have its own set of missionaries again. We have only a handful of investigators progressing, but it looks like for there near Halloween we will we a baptism. Guadalupe is attending church, and even though she can't read, she is progressing very well. Ilda, the wife of a less active member, is also attending, but is reluctant to commit to baptism.
This morning we studied English with Laffy Taffy wrappers, and it is a blast having a companion that has the same spanglish mindset. Speaking of language, we had a meeting with Elder Arnuflo Velensuela, of the first quorum of the seventy, and he mentioned to us that in this general conference there will be a talk given in another language that isn't English- I have heard other things rumored, but that is the only part I can confirm. For any missionaries or those who are preparing to enter the field- STUDY the mission language AND ENGLISH every day. They say that I speak like a half-blood, or someone who is half American half Mexican, that I speak like a Pocho.
This past week was a little tough, but things are looking better. A "chilango" roughly defined, is a Mexican redneck; it doesn't quite fit, but it's close. This Wednesday, we were present in a bus where a chilango was driving. There was a stop sign in the road and- guess what he did? HE RAN IT OVER! There are missionaries like this too, usually one or two for every Zone. In other events, I love breakfast- whether it's pizza, eggs, milkshakes or que sea it is a very happy part of my day. Last week on Monday we ate Chinese for lunch with a member who has a lifetime full of stories, from leprosy to world traveler, and lives alone. He is in Utah right now, waiting anxiously for General Conference. We went to buy tortas that night 2 for 1 near our apartment and a kind less active member paid for us. Sometimes, it's a little frustrating finding so many inactive members, but nearly all of them are so generous to the missionaries.
On Tuesday the 16 it was hotter in Tijuana than in Mexicali- 102 degrees F! Also, Marco, my first convert in the neighboring ward, is going to receive the melquisedic this next month. I would love to eat peaches and tomatoes, please make sure there are some there for my homecoming. Many days my shoulders hurt, one for carrying my shoulder bag and the other for all of the slug bugs we see, but only the Bochos, the antique styles. I am grateful for this chance I have to serve a mission here in Tijuana and I know the Lord prepares the way for everyman to achieve his full potential, if we confide in him. I love all of you, and have more to say, but I gotta go! Until next week. 

Elder Tobler

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