Thursday, March 19, 2015

Conference re-cap

October 6, 2014

My dear family,

Conference was awesome! Salma did attend the sunday morning session, and we ahve plans to involve and invite all of her family this week in our lessons. unfortunately, even though we called, passed by, and called some more people until we ran out of credit, she was the only investigator who went to the stake center to see General Conference.

Even though he didn't attend conference, we did recieve a gift from michoacan a lil' while back. Cristian was working wiht the missionaries down there when suddenly his family came to Tijuana. With his family condition and his job, he is not progressing all to well, but is someone more to help out when they put Elders in Barrio Palmeras. 

Ties and tie clips can wait for christmas, but a new mesh laundry bag would be nice. Food is always good, especially peanut butter, but my shirts are fine, every now and then I fidn pants or shoes for super cheap or given to me, but we bought a lot of durable stuff. My wristwacth is aging, but the battery hasn't died on me yet. I have been giving several ties away, and the extra hymnbook in spanish I am going to give to Ceaser, who we baptized recently. Many things like spanish bibles (with lds references), triple combonations, hymnbooks are asked, but really the members can get them if they need them. Soccerballs for the church building are always nice, I have booted a few in mutual or with other missionaries, but there are always someone who has one ready. I don't have a jumprope, but many missionaries have those. Altos honestly es un poco fresa, or one of the higher end sectors here in the mission, which makes it different and difficult to serve like I learned in other sectors.

After the Mexican independance, everything in the streets and in the stores changed to Halloween with a hint of Christmas as well. Everything and anything, between Mexico and California, can be found in this theme. I am looking forward to eating dead bread this month, since it looks like I might not be in Mexico the last week of October 2015.

Mom, do you remember which way is east? I know I mentioned that this current sector was to the east of my first one, so I am more for central Tijuana than the Playas (beaches). I still get the cooler ocean air here, but it hasn't rained nearly at all in Tijuana, even though Cabo San Lucas was hit by a storm a lil' while back. This conference weekend we had a 'heat' spell, but the night are cooling down.

I have a list that I am looking at with things to write about, but not all of it can come out in one hour.

I love to listen to the voice of our prophet. I know that the Lord has a perfect Plan for us, and if we are faithful to that plan, we can truly be unstoppable, unsinkable, and invincibile. I know that each servant of the Lord testifies of the same teachings that He gave us during his ministry here on earth. I know that each one of us are loved by a Heavenly Father, and that he knows us personally and individually.


Elder Tobler

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