Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mi compaƱero es un bromador

Dear family,

This has been a great time here in Tijuana.  We currently have an awesome zone who works hard and plays harder, even if they prefer to play soccer over basketball. Oh well, no importa, all of us are here in this blessed opportunity to serve our Lord.  We climbed, walked, preached, and did a fair amount this week in helping our investigators understand this gospel and the importance it has on their lives.  When Thursday came and we went to pass datos, we realized that most of our work does not always translate into numbers or progress that our leaders can see on paper.

Early in the morning twice this week it was a bit foggy.  Elder Serpa was astonished, but I was here in January and February when every morning the fog was even more dense and wet.  

When was the last time you saw a Peter Pan Flute?

On Monday we had a Ward-Wide Family Home Evening, and there is where we meet a large group of Americans who were building houses.  One of these blessed families who received a real house has desires to learn about our church, and already we have put two baptismal dates with them.  It is cool to return back to the house and find Mars in the night sky, even though of all the places on Earth that I've seen, the sky here is probably the ugliest.  Nor do I have plans to visit China.


I really got to go, but I love my family and the lessons that my parents have taught me aboiut hard wrok and about self-reliance.  The real trick is teaching your companion a few of these things as well. Both of us have less than a year under our belts, and are building the other up to work in the grand harvest of the Lord.  I am grateful for this chance to be a missionary in these latter-days, and I know that I have been called to serve here, because these individuals need help from a Track Runner who likes to think from the Salt Lake Valley. Let the Lord shape you, but as well remember that you are in this place because of your talents and skills.  I have seen how my parents, grandparents, and other heroes have remained spiritually strong and have maintained their personality and traits that make them such grand rulers, leaders, and teachers.

Este obra esta bien suave

With my Love, 

Elder Tobler

Friday, April 11, 2014

Suprise Picture

I recieved this email a couple of days ago and was so excited to see James' smiling face. I just had to share with you all.

I am a member from Seattle, wa. My family was in Tijuana this week on a trip and we met your sweet sons who are serving there. They are both doing well and were a delight to talk to.  I though you might like a picture. 
Have a great day!

El reloj esta volando!

Dear Family,

I heard that there was a big earthquake in Chile this past week.

As for food, a little bit of carne asada is good for the soul.  My companion was surprised when I ordered a whole chicken from the rotisserie place across the street for lunch this week.  

Oh and for Brother Brent Thomas I learned a variety of words very quickly with the scar on my wrist, but equally I am grateful for those triangle red pencils that you brought to church years ago. I still have one in my Hero's Satchel that I throw over my shoulder every morning.  Other odds and ends that I carry that have come in use or very easily could be needed are some band-aids, my large handkerchief, Neosporin, my flashlight, and the classic mission supplies- folletos, a Book of Mormon, some Liahona's, the very scare pass-along cards, and my very colorful spanish set of scriptures.  I always joke with my companion that while the Testigos de Jehova have umbrellas and sunshades, we carry flashlights.  Elder Serpa does not have a watch, and with the alarms and timers I have on this watch that lasted through the last part of track, we can always coordinate and maintain the missionary schedule.  I will be fine with shoes, because on Valentine's Day the Familia Torres gave me a pair, her husband discovered that they did not fit him anymore. I also received on other recently from a family from Guatemala who live in the ward, plus the three that I brought. All are good shoes, and will last me for a while. 

The weather here has been all to normal.  At least in the first couple of months it was cooler in the morning and normal in the afternoon and evenings, but now it is always a comfortable climate. 

Scripture Masteries rock! Pun not indented (Helaman 5:12)