Thursday, April 9, 2015

Y Elder Tobler estaba en el desierto por 40 años

February 16, 2015

Dear Family,

To begin with, the zone leaders informed me on Saturday night that I am to stay here for another translado mas; So, I will be working between these two wards in the same area for 7 1/2 months of my mission straight, nearly a third of these two years I have devoted unto the Lord. Let's get to work!

This week had a lot of high hope but there is still much success for the future. Ramón and Fermín both started the week with an interview ready, but only Ramon was actually interviewed. We are dropping him completely, because the only thing he lacks is the desire to follow through and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to his life. But it didn't all go terribly bad. This last week we pushed ourselves as a mission to increase the number of people we contact and find, and in doing so we received a boatload of referencias from the mission offices. One of the families in particular is extremely prepared, and we wish to see them baptized an el fin de este mes. We have had two low months baptizing as a mission, and the president is really urging with a strong hand that we find people in order to establish the church. The two wards are doing all right, we are going to lose a councilor en one ward and in general they need to kick it up a notch.

Other weird comments to add to the mission experience: This morning I killed a rat that was roaming around the apartment complex; Last week I bought some sweet Xolo sport gear that a dude of a brother sold me, not that my soccer skills have improved at all. 

The Work of Salvation is designed to accomplish many things. It helps each individual person grow in their testimony, becoming more converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ while at the same time establishes the kingdom of God upon the face of the Earth. It demands that members and missionaries invite others to come unto Christ. It supports the new converts in the church, in order that they can become strong in their faith in the Savior and Redeemer. This same work counsels the members who have drifted away from the truth, always providing a way to return to the path. It instructs us to teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom in order to bring salvation to the living as to the dead, and teaches us to be self sufficient physically and spiritually. This conversion and growth in the church is measured and calculated, to further raise us higher and keep the work alive and vivid. I am extremely grateful to assist in this grand process in bringing the souls of our brothers and sisters to His presence once again.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I hope the best for everyone.


Elder Tobler

Qué paso!!!

February 9, 2015

Dear Family,

First, this is an explanation of last week. First, super skinny me helped out Presidente Tirado get into his house, but the deal was first that he gave us a reference. And he came through. We are working with another family who really likes to play basketball. Then I sneaked in and opened his house.

A week ago I went to Independencia to interview an investigator, but it was a little iffy to start with. Alejandro came to know the church in other parts, so the Zone Leaders were just going to baptize him. We went to find him in the morning to confirm the appointment, and he was nowhere to be found. He doesn’t have a phone, so we were a little worried. We went to our next appointment in a park with a shy investigator of 20 years, Itzayana, and she was explaining to us that she just broke up with here atheist boyfriend when we saw Alejandro. We jumped at the opportunity to see what he has been doing. He told us a few things, that to the Zone leader Elder Martín made it clear that he was lying, and we decided to follow him; we also decided to drag Itzy with us. We stalked him through the central streets of the sector, Itzayana keeping an eye on him, while us two youth in white shirt and ties stayed out of sight. Suddenly, a member from one of my wards showed up with a 15 passenger white van, and we all hopped in and followed Alejandro to, well, a place all to well known for problems with Question 4. The member gave us a ride and we dropped off Itzy, and we continued working, seeing how clear it became what happened to the prospect baptism for the following day. That is how I became a spy!

A little old and sometimes grumpy lady took us to a little canyon to find a family whose house burnt down two days previous. We discovered that is was a less active family, with many members who are not baptized. We keep offering our service, and teaching them simple messages, but they still need a lot. We talked to a sister in the neighboring ward who works with "Charity Everywhere" and "A Spark of Hope" who may help us with a few of the walls and floors. It is an ongoing process.

To end with last week, we played basketball and soccer from members and investigators from both wards and we ate a bunch of tacos. I ate 17 with a soda, my companion ate 20 with 3 sodas, Alex (member) ate 20 with one soda and his friend Adrian ate 8. 

Last week and even this week we completed with a lot of goals and are hastening the work so much. This last week we found 11 new investigators, taught a ton of lessons with Jorge, and are doing all in our power to increase the workload and the output. It was all awesome- until nobody showed up on Sunday. The attendance was low, and of the 10 families we invited not one soul came to church. Not even Ramon y Fermin, who has their baptism programmed for this Saturday, the 14 of Febrero. I am looking forward to seeing another baptism, and we have translados next week so I should be writing from another part of Tijuana then.

I bought a few t-shirts from el Cuate, Hermano Cuautemoc who has a station in the flea market in the local soccer team. They look sweet!

I know the Savior lives. All we need to do is to construct our faith on this knowledge. He worked many miracles through this mighty principle in his earthly ministry, and He works miracles in our lives today. I know that Joseph Smith developed the faith necessary to ask God in the spring of 1820, and like him all of us can receive an answer to our prayers. I know that this is the true church, and that I know that the Lord has prepared so much for my life personally. He knows us, and Loves us. I am grateful to be in His service, and to help my brethren here come to this same knowledge. I invite all to grow in your faith of these things, and see what miracles the Lord will bring to pass in your lives and families. 


Elder Tobler

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Espias de la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Últimos dias

Dear Family,

So, Want to know what I did this week? I broke into the house of the first councilor of the Stake, I became a Spy for a day with the Zone Leaders, we are increasing the workload, and we taught a less active family what is not a fireside reunion. I will leave you hanging ´cause I gotta go, but we are achieving more success here and I love this great opportunity to raise my voice unto my brethren here in Tijuana, and I appreciate all the love and prayers that I receive from Home. I know that this is the work of the Lord, and it is never easy but the sacrifice of our time, of our money, of all our energies is well worth the eternal reward our Lord has promised us. We have baptisms coming up, and I'll keep you informed.

Hey Cami I have a job for you- could you define the word Apprehensive for me? Please? Actually, Kenzie hasn't written me for a while, but I am glad she received her Patriarchal Blessing, and I hope she continues to prepare herself for the Call to serve our king. I hope President Starkie is all right, let him know that he doesn't need to worry about me. Send my salutations a Bro Kitchens.

I love you all,


Conferencia de Estaca

January 26, 2015

Dear Family,

I can definitely say I have accomplished much in these wards. After working for months, I have regained the confidence of the mayor parte de los miembros y podemos trabajar juntos en apresurando la Obra de Salvación. El Presidente confirmed with me that they´ll open the other area to missionaries here really soon, so our goal right now is to capacitate the members of Palmeras while we adjust the main part of our attention to Los Altos (which is well needed, truly). We also had the chance to help a few members out with service, moving furniture and cleaning up a bit. This week we also have plans to help Julio receive his Patriarchal Blessing. Beto Arredondo, our very young Elder’s quorum president invited us to make visits with him, but as we already knew it is extremely difficult to reactivate the Priesthood Brethren who have lengthened themselves from the church. We are trying so hard to contact the families of the few new investigators we have, and we are seeing progress.

Monday a sister from Palmeras invited us to eat, so we challenged her to bring a friend who is not a member or someone who hasn’t been to church for a while. It turns out the sister invited a timid single adult who works a lot, and we invited her to stake conference. Ramon is crazy, he also showed up to the conference, along with a young women who really just lacks a baptism. Two other sisters brought references from other parts of Tijuana to see Elder Jesus Alfaro Ortiz Tirado, a gringo from D.F. Our presidente de misión tambien estuvo presente. Everyone there talked about the various things that any member can improve on, and we even had to chance to listen to the testimonies of a few recent converts in the Stake, one which I interviewed in the Sister’s sector. I expect to see greater enthusiasm and support from the ward in fulfilling their responsibilities. Oh! And guess what? My First convert and a member who I reactivated here both received the Melchizedec Priesthood Yesterday! That is truly conversion and growth of the church of God.

As for food, we’ve been eating the same stuff- everything really tasty. Rice, chicken, beans, Rice, spaghetti, beans, stir fry dishes, even hot dogs! Así es (So is) the typical food here, nothing strange but really good. Today I order sushi from the fast food joint where Cesar Valdez works, and he is still pumped four months after his baptism. I can’t use chopsticks to save my life, but that’s why I am on this end of the Pacific Ocean. We gave a bit of our leftovers to a new investigator, Jose, because the last thing missionaries’ need is more pizza.

Have Jake write me, now that his leg has recovered and he can serve with all his might, just remind him to use his mind too. He’s already got heart and strength. How many missionaries do we have out in the ward? Stake?

I know that this is the true organization that Jesus Christ established when he ministered unto us. I know that if we develop our hope in him, any one of our God-given abilities will improve and strengthen. I know that this is a very real and worthwhile cause which I am dedicated to and privileged to be a part of this great haste in these latter days. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of our Loving Heavenly Father. I will continue to labor beside the Lord here in Tijuana, and I shall wait and trust in the promises He has made us. 


Elder Tobler


These were sent with no name or information - I'll update with such when I get that.


Jan 19, 2015

Dear Family,

Lorena Medina was baptized on Saturday! This week was awesome; we completed a lot, and even baptized someone without a Ward Mission Leader or Bishop. That was a bit of a show, but I am so glad that we can see how our efforts can bless the life of others. Lorena's boyfriend, Pedro, has plans to propose and get married soon, so in a year they can get married in the temple of Tijuana. He has been a member for a few years and has family that came to see the baptism that I recognized when I was in Reforma, Estaca La Mesa. Their little boy is so funny. After I performed the ordenance, their two year old Pedrito asked, "Te mojaste?" o "Did you get wet?" We taught a lot of people, and we have two other investigators who are almost there, Ramom y Fermin. They also gave me mews this week that with the 20(+) missionaries that we'll receive in February, they are making plans to re-open Palmeras, so the missionaries here only have to work in one ward! Our main goal these weeks is to capacitate the members in Palmeras, find a Ward Mission leader/Bishop for Los Altos, and Keep baptizing!

I am glad that Mom is keeping herself entertained with her wreath business, and I hope the weather... Normalizes? Here the people take notice of any little change, 

Alex Peacock? I am forgetting who I'm related to and how. That is so special to hear that Ryan and Liselle Had their baby, the role they have as parents is extremely important. I have the blessed responsibility to not only establish the church here, but to work with the families in order that they can recieve eternal blessings.

The work continues, it is difficult, they put higher restrictions on us missionaries and now it is even tougher to communicate with the Sisters in my district, and help them fulfill their goals. I see many new beginnings and many bases being build for a mighty armada of Righteous servants en this land between lands. I am proud to be a missionary, and I know that I represent the church of God. He talks to us through his Prophets, and will never cease to do so. I know hat we all can participate of the love, mercy, of our Savior, and receive eternal blessings from our Heavenly father, a just and loving God.

Well, as for the food, nothing new- everything mexican and scrumptious. We actually cancelled the lunch appointment yesterday, because we were at the church from about 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so we decided to pack a lunch. We took a big notch out of the junk food that I received for Christmas/my birthday. I still have two boxes full. About the last package I received from Grandma Tobler, remind everyone that there is still an unnecessary quantity of packages being sent to the American Missionaries. I will write you when I need something. As for the moment, just ink for the wood pen, maybe a belt, ties and pants never hurt. I need better ideas to guard and keep papers and booklets that I plan to bring home.

Elder Esquinca, guaranteed is and will be my companion with the weirdest name that I'll have. His first name comes from Chiapas while his last name was jewish-italian, before it was adjusted when the Europeans settles in Central America. He teaches really well, has 5 months in the mission, but lacks the ability and natural urge to find new people to teach. He dedicated his High school life to American football (in Mexico) and has desires to play for BYU. He is really funny but really sucks at getting moving in the morning. He was born and raised in the state of Guanajuato, one of the very few missionaries that come from this part of Mexico. 

Send my love and well wishes to everyone else, to my close Friends and family members,


Elder Tobler