Wednesday, March 18, 2015

¿Adonde voy?

September 1, 2014

Dear family, y igualmente algunos hermanos del Tijuana, [and also some brothers from Tijuana]

Estoy en Altos, A lado del sector donde empiezo la mision. I´m in Altos, just a lado de Miramar, to the east. [I'm Altos, A side of the sector where the mission start. I'm in Altos, just next to Miramar, to the east.]

I´m a little sick again, but i have read ALL that you have sent me, i´ll respond in better detail in the following week. I recieved two cards from grandma Tobler, but the package surprisingly enough did not arrived this conference with the Presidente on Friday.

I left 7 people, who are progressing unstoppably in Reforma. Alex was still smoking, Anahi and her three girls are making while Elva and her two tiny ids have not faltered a week. Jacquelyn has a keen interest in the Book of Mormon, and she made it to church with her four kids- All, under the age of six. That bishop was an ideal model for Hastening the Work of Salvacion, and I´m excited to see what Altos will give me according to my diligence. I love our savior, and more importantly than his life and ministry, than his brutal path to his death is that he lives! I know it, and I cannot deny it. Jesus Christ has resurrected, and his hand is eternally outstretched towards us, if we accept him as our Lord and King. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love, and I’ll report more completely next week.

Your son, amigo, y misionero,

Elder Tober

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