Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hay de todo- Él es la Dádiva

December 1, 2014

Dear family, 

This week, there was a little bit of everything. To begin with, we helped out a family that is troubled with their health, with a son struggling for a job. Because we are working between two wards, we arranged that two young adults who are hiring for their jobs and one is a registered nurse (o algo asi) to support this family better. Well be sticking around this week to see if any problems arise. It is also extremely entertaining to see how my trainee is having new experiences in the mission. We had one with a drunk that meant us no harm but would allow us to leave, we went on divisiones or splits for the first time, and he had his first thanksgiving in México, but without turkey. It is truly an inverted experience, think that one year ago I was finishing my preparation in the CCM of Provo, having passed for experiences similar in my first month in the mission. I have to help out with a baptism of a member today.

Yes, many families here in South San Diego celebrate Thanksgiving, except the ones we visited that day. We were busy trying to keep a few investigators progressing towards their baptisms in December and helping one of them find an apartment. But I have eaten tortillas and Turkey en the same meal before.  We really like pizza and Tortas my companion and I. Yesterday I ate ceviche, but this time it had octopus.

I did get your packages, the one with a Christmas tree and candy, and the package from Grandma y Grandpa Tobler with stickers and socks. Thank you for your love and for sending a piece of Christmas to start the season right. Weirdly I was actually singing Christmas songs before December 1 this year, it must have been a long time since I last had a normal Christmas. 

He is the Gift. Él es la Dádiva. This is our privilege and responsibility to share the Gift this Christmas season with everyone! If we still receive the ENSIGN, there should be nine (9) little cards that will assist you to talk to our friends and associates about the Salvation we can experience thanks to this Gift sent from our Heavenly Father. I invite the four of you in West Jordan (Mom, Dad, Cami, Livi) to hand out four before Sunday, and the other five before Christmas. On Sunday the church has bought the headpage of YouTube in addition to the webpage in order to show this video with the world. and are the select WebPages created by the church.

Did I forget to tell you how many dogs are running loose here? Well, maybe it{s better if I don’t, but I am more familiar with the dogs on the street corners than the few petes the members and investigators own. It is good to here that you had family time, and frankly Dad your school district likes to take it easy, with a lot of vacations, no? It is so nice seeing the Christmas season flourish now that December is here.

I know that this is the true church here on earth, and I know we are all very blessed to remember the birth and the sacrifice of Him who redeemed us all. I am proud to be a representative of the only church fully restored by the hand of God, and I know that Joseph Smith was selected to be the means to end a dark time of apostasia. I do know with a certainty that the Book of Mormon is the convincing evidence of this, and we all have the opportunity to read its words, comprehend its doctrine, and feel the Spirit of God as we continue persevering to the end. I love this privilege I have been given to expand His kingdom here on earth, and to serve the Lord very personally and very profoundly.


Elder Tobler

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