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August 25, 2014

My Dear Family,

This week was, well, a bit ugly and not so effective as missionaries. With school starting here, we could not coordinate with the members bien. We invited five or six people to be baptized- but NONE wanted to accept a date. We are still working with Alex, and the other two families are moving towards their goal of baptism. I taught an English class this week for mutual, maybe the young men and young women should organize a class to teach a foreign language of choice or to learn more about other cultures. The youth here have begun school, with much excitement that came weeks ago from FSY.  We tried to show a video of the restoration to a few investigators who have had previous doubts about our beliefs, but the returned missionary who gave us the video only gave us one in English. The other week the Relief society president broke her sandal and cut her toe walking with us. I was sick Friday night until Sunday, and a service project moving blocks of cement, a horrible choice of take out, and the other stresses of mission life. I am nearly hydrated again, don’t worry. 

This mission is an obra, or a physical work, and it is exhausting, but it is worth it and I love it, nor could I imagine a life without this service to my Lord.

I love you all, 

Elder Tobler

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