Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Un año en tijuana!

November 3, 2014

Dear Family,

To celebrate my one-year mark, We sought out root beer and vanilla ice cream, and are going to have root beer floats. This past week was okay, but after an awesome conference for district líderes I lost my district binder. That was a bummer, and then when we ended our day early on Halloween our lesson count was the lowest of the year. We do have various prospects in baptism for the end of this month, but we need to shift it up into high gear in order to baptize in December. My companion is really awesome, and is learning everything rapidly- menos inglés, necesitaremos mejorar en esto. But the reality is I love being district leader, and wish to continue dedicating my service to the Lord in this position. With the change of month, we adjusted to work more in Palmeras, and instantly we see cooperation from the ward. I know that the Elders will be very blessed to open the area in the end of this month.

Breakfast continues to be one of my favorite meals, but there are still many tasty things the members have been providing me with. 

Dad could you send me more ink for the wooden pen I made? I ran out a long time ago, but that would be a cool thing to send me. If you have a particular list of souvenirs this would be the perfect time of year to look for them. Keep writing on the blog please; there Kenzie and a few friends can continue to see how I am doing without absorbing my time writing them on Monday.

I know that the Lord loves each and every one of us. I know de desires to see our happiness, and if we demonstrate our loyalty to him he will bless us and guide us through the rough spots. I know that this church is true and was restored through as young boy who questioned the chaotic world in which we live in. I know, little by little, we can continue on to live in the presence of our heavenly father and be like Him. This is my greatest desire, and I hope it is also yours.


Elder Tobler

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