Thursday, March 26, 2015

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December 8, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, this week went well. There was a ward baptism on Monday, my district just about abandoned me due to their responsibilities as sister training leader and Zone leaders, my companion is on the brink of revolt if we don’t baptize someone soon, and the few investigators we still have are battling with the Word of Wisdom. It is awesome to say that we are well into December, and this week we have a president’s training meeting and a zone meeting. This should be awesome!

As for food, I found sweet potatoes in México! This ward feeds us well, there is no problem about staying nourished physically here.

Do not worry about the gifts distracting me- you could have sent me a real Christmas tree if you wanted :P I thought it was really great. I also thought this would've been my first year where I could eat all my Halloween candy before Christmas came. I was wrong. I am going to finish off the candy corn tonight, I think. There has not been problems with the packages yet- If there is one, I am positive you will hear about it. Thank you so much for all of the candy and gifts. This week I received my stocking and a package from the Hallorans. If Liz Halloran only knew how many dogs roamed around here in Tijuana, she might just move here! I notified you as soon as I was informed that it could be an issue, and in part that was why the President timed it so perfectly- no enormous packages in size or number for 2015.

Well, imagine walking around in 70 degree weather when everyone is telling you to put on a coat. I have been borrowing my companions sweaters and wearing my long-sleeve shirts just so the members amongst other people don't give me a huge parka. Christmas does not feel the same here, but I imagine that the Cross Country just came back from their Footlocker Mt. Sac trip. Say hi to the coaches if you have the chance. I would ask Cami, but she is almost as awesome as a Jaguar over there in South Jordan. I am glad that the Madrigals passed by once again, that always is really special. Sharing the Gift has helped me feel the Christmas Spirit more and the Christmas devotional the church does was cool to see. 

I am grateful for this great responsibility I have to be a missionary and I am proud to represent Our Lord, who came down in the innocent form of a babe, lying in a manger. I have found great joy raising my voice in testimony to many children of God, so that they too can take part of the saving ordinances that only this church has. I love each and every one of you, and Feliz Navidad de Tijuana a Utah! Reciban un saludo!

Sincerely, Elder Tobler

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