Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fetch! Rapidito, este es exio en progreso

November 10, 2014

Dear family,

 Picked up my spider-man packet today. I love Mexican food. I'll read your messages next week.

There was a sister in the ward who has a daughter with stage 4 cancer in San Diego. On top of the other situations that exist in that house of reactivating members, when they had problem with their renter, they left! We helped the sister this week move her things to her new residence, and are trying to teach Pedrin, a non-member family friend, but with the intensity of the family difficulties it is a little tough.

Our ward mission leader of Barrio Los Altos came back from his two month work trip. FINALLY we can coordinate the work in that half of our proselyting area. Wee also finished revising the ward mission plans on Sunday, so we have more support from the members. We are working with a few youth in order that they can serve their missions, one of which is recently reactivated and brought his Mom (who is not a member) to church yesterday.

I am continually making vueltas a las offices of the mission to help out my district, but I love doing it. As a district we increased the number of lessons we achieved, and are bettering ourselves. That is great timing, because we have a Zone meeting and a multi-zone meeting this week. That means we should be super for diciembre and the beginning of January.

I love serving a mission. I know that in reality there is no other place where the Lord needs me to be but here. I know I can achieve great things, and I strive to maintain myself worthy to receive of his blessings. Of the three people who attended church on Sunday not one of them was someone we knew when we woke up that morning. I believe in the miracle factor, but we need to put forth our part in order to achieve the full glory the Lord has promised to bestow upon us I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. Joseph smith was the means of restoration, and we are the means of bringing to pass the Work of Salvation in these latter days. I love everyone, and have a great week!


Elder Tobler

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