Saturday, November 30, 2013

2 new letters and a picture

This picture and letter wasn't sent on Nov 21 as is was suppose to so I received it on the 27th with a second letter. The Lord really know when we need extra blessings and support.

Dear Family,

I assisted yesterday in welcoming new recruits to the Lord's army.  I reflected on the story of the Army of Helaman this past week, and how these young boys can not only match but surpass the abilities of and legion that may stand in their way.  I really enjoy the Provo Temple, and it is so fun here whether I am working or I am just among those in my zone.  I have seen a few missionaries I recognize, and I have heard through my District leader that the mothers of those in my district all know each other.  I am attaching a few pictures of us to show how much fun we are having.  I gotta go but I will write more. 

Elder Tobler

Dear Family,

Just a few hours after writing the letter last week, I received the package of cinnamon rolls!  Last night, I had the opportunity to sing in the MTC Choir.  There is a large group of missionaries departing for Tijuana, many of them the same day.  On Sunday I was informed that I will be made Zone Leader since our current Elders in that position are leaving to Argentina next week. McKenzie Everett Gave me a haircut yesterday, I hope you see the picture she'll send you.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!  I am grateful for all of my family, my grandparents, little cousins (and the one [older] cousin).  I am grateful for my coaches, particularly Coach White, Brian, and Coach Henslee,  and I am grateful for the physical and mental endurance they have forged me into. I am grateful for my influential teachers, throughout the years, both in school and in church.  I reflect on your lessons when I study and read passages of scripture you discussed with me.  I am grateful for my neighbors, bosses, and my Calculus teacher for teaching me how to work hard.  To reiterate I am grateful for my parents, and my three very different but very amazing three little sisters, Kenzie, Cami, and Livi. 

Best of luck, until next Thursday!

Elder Tobler

Thursday, November 14, 2013

1st Letter Home

Hola mi familia!

The MTC has been great so far!  All of the Spanish missions are in the West Campus that used to belong to BYU.  The first few days are always the most interesting, but now that I have settled into the groove everything has been grand.  I have seen Aunt Nikki in the Cafeteria and I have seen a few friends who entered the same day as me around the campuses.  If Brother Halloran is still wondering why he might be seeing missionaries walking around Provo at 8:30 at night, it is because we have to walk back to our apartment from the devotional on the main campus.  All of the rooms are converted from the dorms, which makes it seem like we are always in the same room.  The food tastes fine, but is a little... weird.  The eating schedule is very close together, with a late breakfast, a little bit early lunch and a WAY early dinner.  I share the apartment with my whole district, with a companionship in every room.  There are working on trying to finish moving in before winter.  My companion is Elder Scholes (sho-ls), or Elder Skulls.  He is the only one in the district that is also from Utah, he grew up in Hyrum.  It was interesting, actually, we sat right by each other on the bus to our campus on the first day before we knew we were companions.  My District Leader is from outside of Spokane, there are Two from Arizona, and one from Pocatello. We have already said farewell to the Zone Leaders who were here when we arrived.  I still wish I could run a bit more, but street basketball is always fun.  My Spanish has been going very fast, and I thank Sra. W, Sra. Halverson, and Coach Fletcher for giving me a head start!

I hope Kenzie is okay, and I hope everyone at home is handling life alright.  I received your letter the other day, thank Livi for the picture.  I heard about the storm in the Phillipeans from L Tom Perry this past week.  I wish the best of luck to those who are effected.  Thank you everyone for helping me get here.  I gotta go, but I will write again next week!


Elder Tobler

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today's The Day!

Hello Everyone!  This is James.  I am so excited to leave this afternoon to the Missionary Training Center in Provo.  I had that "first day of school" feeling, I woke up at 4:30 and could not go back to sleep.  Last night I was set apart as a missionary, with my family to share the experience with me.  My bags are packed, my spirit is ready, and I go in preparation to serve and preach to the people in Tijuana the Lord has prepared for me.  Thank you everyone who supports me and given me opportunities of service, wisdom, love, and friendship.  I will apply the shared testimonies and the knowledge you have given me in my servitude to the Lord in these next two years.

I am very excited, ready, and grateful.
Elder James Tobler