Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Jan 19, 2015

Dear Family,

Lorena Medina was baptized on Saturday! This week was awesome; we completed a lot, and even baptized someone without a Ward Mission Leader or Bishop. That was a bit of a show, but I am so glad that we can see how our efforts can bless the life of others. Lorena's boyfriend, Pedro, has plans to propose and get married soon, so in a year they can get married in the temple of Tijuana. He has been a member for a few years and has family that came to see the baptism that I recognized when I was in Reforma, Estaca La Mesa. Their little boy is so funny. After I performed the ordenance, their two year old Pedrito asked, "Te mojaste?" o "Did you get wet?" We taught a lot of people, and we have two other investigators who are almost there, Ramom y Fermin. They also gave me mews this week that with the 20(+) missionaries that we'll receive in February, they are making plans to re-open Palmeras, so the missionaries here only have to work in one ward! Our main goal these weeks is to capacitate the members in Palmeras, find a Ward Mission leader/Bishop for Los Altos, and Keep baptizing!

I am glad that Mom is keeping herself entertained with her wreath business, and I hope the weather... Normalizes? Here the people take notice of any little change, 

Alex Peacock? I am forgetting who I'm related to and how. That is so special to hear that Ryan and Liselle Had their baby, the role they have as parents is extremely important. I have the blessed responsibility to not only establish the church here, but to work with the families in order that they can recieve eternal blessings.

The work continues, it is difficult, they put higher restrictions on us missionaries and now it is even tougher to communicate with the Sisters in my district, and help them fulfill their goals. I see many new beginnings and many bases being build for a mighty armada of Righteous servants en this land between lands. I am proud to be a missionary, and I know that I represent the church of God. He talks to us through his Prophets, and will never cease to do so. I know hat we all can participate of the love, mercy, of our Savior, and receive eternal blessings from our Heavenly father, a just and loving God.

Well, as for the food, nothing new- everything mexican and scrumptious. We actually cancelled the lunch appointment yesterday, because we were at the church from about 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so we decided to pack a lunch. We took a big notch out of the junk food that I received for Christmas/my birthday. I still have two boxes full. About the last package I received from Grandma Tobler, remind everyone that there is still an unnecessary quantity of packages being sent to the American Missionaries. I will write you when I need something. As for the moment, just ink for the wood pen, maybe a belt, ties and pants never hurt. I need better ideas to guard and keep papers and booklets that I plan to bring home.

Elder Esquinca, guaranteed is and will be my companion with the weirdest name that I'll have. His first name comes from Chiapas while his last name was jewish-italian, before it was adjusted when the Europeans settles in Central America. He teaches really well, has 5 months in the mission, but lacks the ability and natural urge to find new people to teach. He dedicated his High school life to American football (in Mexico) and has desires to play for BYU. He is really funny but really sucks at getting moving in the morning. He was born and raised in the state of Guanajuato, one of the very few missionaries that come from this part of Mexico. 

Send my love and well wishes to everyone else, to my close Friends and family members,


Elder Tobler

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