Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hay vamos, mejorando

November 24, 2014

Dear Family,

The Elders of Palmeras didn't come! Which means that my trainee and I will continue to work between two wards. We are doing pretty well, Elder Ruiz is very excited to be fully capacitated to be autosuficient as a missionary. The President talked on this theme about a week and a half ago, how it is up to oneself, the responsibility to depend on no one or to blame others when something unexpected comes along the way. We embarked on one of our great many journeys to find the 'lost members', with a few results. Many are in poor conditions, and in two of the smallest wards in the mission there are A TON of less active church members.  We are working with a few of the families, one in particular that has several living in the house that are not members of the church. We also worked a lot with the members of Palmeras this week, but we are still having an unusually high difficulty with our appointments falling through. The sisters in my district are doing well, they have bettered their teaching skills, and now the senior companion is a Sister Training leader for the first time. She has a lot of new questions, and I can answer a few of them.

This week we found an awesome corner restaurant that sells Tortas, but as for food that's it.

We have four investigators who are progressing very well towards their baptism. One is learning how to live on his own and never really agreed to the religious beliefs of his mother. Another is a little crazy, has been here for one year and talks to us in Spanglish. Third, is the best friend of the L'ider misional de Palmeras. And the final one is one of many who are doing everything he can to be reunited with his family in California. All of them have baptismal dates in December and I hope that the find the spiritual experiences that comes in this special time of year.

The Americans and gringos here are having difficulties understanding me... I must need to teach more English to my companion. We had interviews with the mission president, and he told me that I can utilize various options that are available in the zone and gave me many specific tips on how to continue training my companion. The number of incoming missionaries is dropping back to normal, which means there are many parts of the mission that are crossing their fingers, hoping that they can retain the missionaries in their wards. I am actually excited to see what the new Plan de Area por México 2015 will be.

I am so grateful for this privilege and honor I have to serve the Lord here in the City of Tijuana. I know that he is working right beside me, and that at the end of the harvest I will be proud to look at my labors. I know that this is the true church, restored through Jose Smith. I know that we are guided by a living prophet in these latter days, and above all I trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I know that I will be resurrected to an incorruptible form in the kingdom of our Father in Heaven. I love this work, and I am grateful to have this chance to raise my voice in testimony for these two years. 

Thank you everyone,

Elder Tobler

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