Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Animo Elder!

November 17, 2014

Dear Family,

These weeks, work, joys, Deadbread

It sounds like the pheasant hunt was good, even if it was a little crowded. Randy{s a little crazy at times, but I think if it was that crowded that you probably did nick him a little bit, Dad.  I am going to miss the Vinson home if they do decide to move before I come home.

 To clarify, I am not the big boss of the missionaries- actually, because the Assistants and the Zone leaders are technically in my district, I work usually only over a companionship of sister missionaries. I prefer this perspective in the work, even if it is one of the positions where much is demanded. I am still in the process of creating the DL folder

It sounds pretty cold there! The people here so close to the beach always comment how fresh and cold the air is at times. I just laugh. Good luck with the cold Kenzie there at USU! Livi is growing and doing so many things, I would like to see her in the reading like a maniac that that happens to all and even to hear her play violin. I had a companion who brought his violin to the mission, but he only played it three times, there are very little opportunities here to use it.  I am proud to hear that Cami received her Patriarchal Blessing, I hope she continues to grow in her spiritual well being. I know that we are part of a grand plan that is individual and perfect. It{s sad to hear that Jack died, but I know that he lived a good life and I am privileged to have known him.

Temple completion date- June 2015 Dedication- July 2015

I will always need socks from here on out. I am running low (12) on ties, and with the Leadership responsibilities my time on P-day is a little more limited. If you could send me the ties that I left home that would be perfect. Belts I am fine for now, but if you really want to send me something with the new regulations that is an option. It looks like I am going to buy a suit for 75 Dollars soon.

 “God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability.” This is a very interesting quote, that every one of us should utilize. It rarely matters the result or the reward of our actions, what matters is the process and how diligently we fulfilled our selfless service. I am grateful for this responsibility I have to be a missionary and thankful for the privilege to put forth my efforts in the service of our Lord and God. I know that this is true, that it{s real, and it is a work for everyone. I hope you find the opportunities Christ has given us to serve others, and enjoy this week everyone!


Elder Tobler

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