Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"Me mordio?", "That's what I said!" (It bit me)

June 30

To My Dear Family,

This week is a good example of why it is important to have your key indicators in check.  We were blessed with multiple chances to invite people to follow the example of Jesus Christ, and even those who did not immediately accept wish to listen and learn more. One week ago, we had only three committed to baptism; now, we have ten with opportunities more some more. La Norma is ten, so we are going to fix our other datos primero.  Although we have many baptismal dates and people that we have in contact, those who are progressing (both investigators as well as less active members) are minimizing.

It is nice to have the help of the ward, even on weeks that are only half-successful.  On Tuesday evening, we met up with the priesthood leaders to make a few visits. My companion and I went with the new bishop, but we didn't find anyone. The presidenta of the relief society joined us on Wednesday morning, but our first appointment needed a lot of clarification, and thus we were choked for time to follow all of the planned visits. Mutual that night was great, we had a good turn out from the young men's and had a few newer investigators and reactivating members there. This week we have been fulfilling assignment that the bishop has given us, and finding "lost members".  This helped us in many aspects, to encounter other less active members and to work in different areas, to contact new people and advancing the work.  On Saturday one of our youth investigators who has a baptism drawing near introduced us to the family of his girlfriend, and we are now beginning to work with them. Yesterday the church attendance dropped, but various non-members were present.

This past p-day my companion and I went to a small zoo that they have, not too far from the temple. Half the place was closed, but it was still pretty cool, I had the opportunity to see what a xoloitzcuintles looks like. I got bit by a dog on Thursday, it was stupid but I'll tell you about that next week.  I am grateful for this chance to be a missionary and I am here to help these people be baptized and go to the temple, specifically the temple that is here in Tijuana.



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