Monday, November 10, 2014

Bienvenidos a Reforma (May 5, 2014)

Before I get to James’ letter let me apologize for not keeping up with this blog more. I’m hoping to get one letter posted a day in the order they were sent to us, so everyone can keep up with what has been happening with our Elder in Tijuana.

Dear Family, friends, missionaries and misioneros, queridos hermanos y amigos de Tijuana,

These past two weeks have been busy.  I was showing Elder Serpa every corner of the sector, and we were just beginning to baptize again when I got called to serve in Reforma with Elder Torres.  Officially I only had two baptisms in the ward Miramar, but I achieved much in the work of reactivation and brought about many constructive changes in the ward council.  I learned many ways how I could apply the same work with a different perspective with my unceasingly funny companion Elder Serpa. Neri, María y familia Ornelas tiene un futuro de oportunidades espitiruales. (Neri, Mary and family Ornelas have spiritual opportunities.)

This past week for our P-Day we celebrated with Elder Cortes, my old Líder de Distrito, (district leader) who returns home to his house tomorrow.  He has been an amazing influence and a great example of how one can follow the rules and find excellence in this great work.  We went to a nice barbecue joint in Independencia to eat hamburgers.  I gave him the Xolos playeta (shirt) that I bought a while back, because he needed to get one before he returned honorably home to Morelos.  Yesterday and this morning Hma Nancy y Hmo Rafa wished us off as we left that corner of Tijuana.  Muchisimas gracias Elder Cortes, Éxito!  Y gracias para la influencia de los miembros y para el trabajo del Obispo Mora. (And thanks to the influence of the members and the work of Bishop Mora.) I received a few gifts from the ward members, regalé varios corbatas y cosas, (I gave several ties and stuff) and I'll send a few pictures in the following weeks. Hma Nancy dropped me off in her red Mystery Machine, and here I am with Elder Torres.

Normalmente, yo escribo un parrafo describiendo las comidas nuevas y platos interesantes de la semana. (Normally, I write one paragraph describing new foods and interesting dishes of the week.) Well, thus far in my mission I have eaten a lot of different kinds of food, both familiar and unfamiliar. I did get the package from The Vinsons, thanks a ton for the Jerky. Mis compañeros y Hmo Rafa les gustaron la carne seca de alce. (My colleagues and Hmo Rafa liked the moose jerky.) I have already eaten the Elk Jerky, and this week I will munch on the Deer Jerky (carne seca de venado) this week.  I know I am writing this late, sorry Mom, but if you wish to include snacks like Rolos, Twizzlers, Pretzels, Hershey's, the Hostess Cupcake or any chocolate peanut butter mix.  I have eaten a lot of different kinds of food here.  Yo como comida mas picante de cualquier de mis compañeros. Tengo chile en mi sangre! (I like spicy food more than any of my classmates. I have chili in my blood!) From rice with milk (arroz con leche), stuffed fried peppers (chile rellenos), new fruit like guavas, rice like Grandma Tobler, Chicharón, and giant meatballs (albondigas); there has been quite a variety. 

Elder Serpa was a hilarious companion. He can read English, so the majority of this part will be in English, no se preocupe (do not worry) Cami. Funny enough, he listened to music from "Two Steps From Hell" as well before his mission, and went every Friday to the movies with his dad.  The theatres here are so much cheaper!  He enjoys the music from Zelda and other orchestral pieces, although he really only enjoys practicing solo, not playing in a group.

This week I shared multiple times with the members the importance of the Family History Work.

This is my brief message of love and servitude, and I love this chance to serve in the final harvest of the Lord, and for the unending prayers I receive from my family.

Sincerely you Son, friend, Amigo, misionero,

Elder Tobler

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