Thursday, November 13, 2014

And Another One Down!

May 19
Dear Family at home,

BAPTISM! That’s all we need!  Merary was baptized early Saturday morning, and even though her birthday/baptism party went late into the night (and morning I suppose), she woke up on Sunday and was confirmed! Merary is a little timid, but she understands and will learn more, as long as she can study for her high school classes and read her scriptures.  We have another firm baptismal date for this upcoming Saturday, and Perla is super excited for her special day.  

On Tuesday we had a Zone meeting, where I saw the Lady Jaguar Alumni Hermana Eye, and she is doing well.  She is in the district of the sister missionaries here in La Mesa.  This Zone is huge! It was a fantastic zone meeting where we learned a great deal more of how we should work according to the needs of our investigators.  To add on to that, this past Friday we had a Capacitacion with Pres. Carreón, and we were trained to Work with the spirit and to ask inspired questions.  I also learned this morning that we REALLY need to baptize more as a mission, when the President directs that nobody is to have Zone activities until we are fulfilling with the Mexico Area Plan and baptize weekly.  Vamos a exhortar, persuadir, y convencer mas! [We will encourage, persuade, and convince more!]

I have no new comments on food, just that it'll be interesting seeing all the food from Costco and the US name brands again completely in English. Oh, I did get you Easter Package, Thank you Millions! I feel like I'm set for a month or so.

Nothing happens in the work until you find someone to talk to.  We are focusing our efforts to follow the rules with exactness, creating goals and initiating plans to increase the work in this sector.  Due to the menos [less] activity, we are working with a nearly complete Ward Council, but every assigned person understands the importance of his/her position in the Work of Salvation.  We are still waiting for a bishop, and according to my Companion Elder Torres this ward has been bishopless for half a year.  Hermano Contreras has been very effective in pressuring the demands of the bishopric. 

I hope Kenzie and the rest of the choir has a marvelous time in Nueva York.  FLYING IS INCREDIBLE! And sorry Mom, school is basically over once you finish the AP Tests. Just convince Cami to find a job or something. :P And I was thinking how convenient it is to have the same person cut your hair regularly, If Dad or somebody sees Pam let her know that she cuts hair better than anyone else in Mexcio.  As for this area I have taken it as Standard frontera, [border] that there is brief talk of splitting our sector to create one more area for sister missionaries.  The language is going great, and Elder Torres is learning English rapidly too.

I just wish to add my testimony, that this is a physical and progressing of the Lord, and that I love working in these Latter-Days.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to have a supportive family.  I love every one of you.

Sincerely your Son,

Elder Tobler

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