Monday, November 10, 2014

12 de Mayo, Hello again, Take three

(this letter came in three parts. Here's part 1)
Dear Family,

Easter was nothing to grand for us, everyday is an opportunity to share the message of the Resurrected Christ and is Atonement for us.  Through this sacrifice and his example, we have the sacrament.  Many times we teach non-progressing investigators and less active members the importance of the sacrament, and how it is a renewal of our baptismal covenants. Normally, we teach it exactly how Bro. John taught us in Priests' quorum.

(Part 2)
Dear Family, 

The keyboard is a little funky, but I'll finish my letter here.

I finally was given planners this week; I had been using a planner from the last transfer, almost three weeks back.  The main offices are closer now, and I am not sure why my District Leader and Zone Leaders there was such a delay.  But hey, I love the district meeting with this District Leader.  He teaches with the Spirit, and I am quickly able to absorb and apply the new perspective or reinitiate my focus for the week on the message he teaches us.  This past week we applied a different way to show the Book of Mormon for the first time, where we included a favorite passage within the book in the first lesson.

As for the language it has been fun! I am understanding everything, and I even laugh at English when I ask myself, "Que significa lo-ve? oh it's love!" or "lettuce go to the store- Vamos a la tienda... wait" or "poder means to can, but not the bird tocan."

fhe-orar, leer, asister-fam. history, Pray for the missionaries in our area.

The only noteworthy thing about my companion that I have not mention yet is that he has a hard time getting up in the mornings.  He has three alarms, at 6:20, 6:25, and 6:30 and he still drags himself out of bed a little late.  I am wide a wake at the first tone, which is not how I was when I left home but it has been a gift I learned in there MTC.

We have a baptism this weekend, the real trick is after the baptism keeping the family active again, so that Merary can enjoy the full blessings of the sacrament and of being a member.  Marina was a convert the weekend before I arrived here, and she is doing wonderfully.  She is going to the Temple this week to do Baptisms for the Dead. 

(Part 3)
here we go again

The rest of our investigators are slowly progressing, but the majority of our time here is with the less active members.  This week we have plans to find more ivnestigators.

Tonight I'll finish off the jerky Randy gave me (Thanks again), but before I go I want to say that I am glad to have this chance to teach about the importance of the simple things: Prayer, reading the scriptures, assisting church, and growing into the gospel as a family.  I have taught over and over again the lesson of Family History, and the Family Home Evening we held last week was a blast.  I know that if every member who may be struggling or is passing through their difficulties, they can endure to the end by doing these three things.  This is my brief testimony, until the next week.

Elder Tobler

Son of a loving mother

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