Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A CIEN! y Dos hijas entraron las aguas del bautismo (A HUNDRED! and two daughters entered the waters of baptism)

June 23

Dear Family and Friends,

I want to talk briefly about he importance of meetings.  This ward was very fragile a few months back, and then they began to have all of their reunions and presidency meeting and are bettering themselves. Now we have organization, and we have a method to monitor our plans to bring to pass His marvelous Work. The same applies to missionaries.  In the junta that we had, almost a week back, I had the chance to apply simple solutions to complicated situations. It appears that we meet oft, but we can save our efforts for those things that most require our attencion.  Another way to keep to the fundamentals is to change up the situation, or the area.  Every time I have intercambios,(exchanges) I enjoy the opportunity to work with a different elder, and many times in a different sector.  It just confirms that the church is organized and if you have a strong trust in the Lord, you can serve him wherever you're needed. 

I hope you have some summer plans as a family; many of my companions and members ask me how it is to camp and hike in the spiritually strong state of Utah.  I enjoy the summers there, but the summer here is pretty smooth too!

If you wish to send a package, here are a few Ideas.  I like pretzels and swizzles. I would ask for batteries, but the button on this flashlight is just about shot. I bought a camera, but I need to resolve an issue with a memory card. My companion is interested in singing a few hymns in English, and if you would like you may include a hymnbook.

How goes the outgoing and homecoming missionaries there in Utah? What are Nate Edmunds (6th ward) and Jayne Starkie up to? If there is any other big news, keep letting me know. Thanks!

Nobody here knows how to count! They think there are eight days in a week, fifteen days in two weeks, and they refer to three days in the future as the day after tomorrow! It just makes my mind hurt, correcting the math in my head in a different language. That, and the neighbors like to watch the little mermaid at night.  Between that and the partying, I've used the earplugs about once a week in order to sleep.

We have a bishop! The previous first counselor was called as a bishop last week, and we had a sacrament meeting attendance of 105 that day! The attendance dove down a bit yesterday, but there were two new members in the congregation. This past weekend Lourdes and Bernice fulfilled their desires to begin their path to return to our Father in heaven.  We had to dunk Lourdes nearly ten times to do it, due to her phobia of water, but we did it!  We need to find more people to work with, we only have a handful of baptismal dates for July, but as a ward we are increasing every aspect of the Work. We'll keep working hand in hand with the ward mission leader.

Sometimes, breakfast is just the best! A great way to start the day, and begin your labors. As for food, I tried water of sugarbeat, which is supposedly very good for you... quien sabe (who knows). A week and a half ago, I had Tingas at the activity for Father's Day.

I gotta go, I love you all!

Elder Tobler

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