Monday, November 17, 2014

Semanas 4, 5, y 6 - y voy a ver si es más aquí en Reforma [Weeks 4, 5, and 6 - and I'll see if it's here on Reform]

June 9

My Dear family and friends,

Father's Day! I love you Dad, and think of you often!
I do not enjoy the Little Mermaid
Food: Atole, a nut- milk pudding/ Moyetes, beans and cheese on bread
Some member mentioned the other week that I look like the Crocodile Hunter.  That is really a question for John Taylor to decide

Alright, so to sum up these past three weeks it look something like this- Although the ward is small and can't do everything, the are doing everything the can.  Only 2 of the 6 investigators whop were baptized in the last six months are very active in the church.  On the 17th we baptized Merary, and the following Saturday we baptized Perla. We are working with many new people and various part members and less active families. The Ward council although incomplete is awesome.  Last week I stood beside the temple, I'll send pictures when I've worked that out. We have three baptisms coming up, and these three are for sure going to become members. The activities for Districts and zones have been temporarily cancelled, but we played dodge ball and basketball for the last activity a few weeks back.  My companion ripped his pants playing volleyball at mutual the other night.  We are progressing the work; we only need to hasten the work just as the Lord has asked us. There was a dog that could have been Bolt's Father, and nearly bit me! We found an elderly lady who gave up believing that happiness exists, and we put forth our efforts to help her out.  She hasn't received us since.  As missionaries, we are completing the minimum- now let's surpass and break records! I gave away a shirt to a less active, or he was less active.  Our lider missional is so smooth!  One of the missionaries of the Ward plays League of legends, I guess David and Jaren aren't too crazy. I swear he's a member- but there is no record.  Making cupcakes with recent converts is a blast!

His Truth is Marching on 
Advanza su verdad

Elder Tobler

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