Thursday, April 9, 2015

Qué paso!!!

February 9, 2015

Dear Family,

First, this is an explanation of last week. First, super skinny me helped out Presidente Tirado get into his house, but the deal was first that he gave us a reference. And he came through. We are working with another family who really likes to play basketball. Then I sneaked in and opened his house.

A week ago I went to Independencia to interview an investigator, but it was a little iffy to start with. Alejandro came to know the church in other parts, so the Zone Leaders were just going to baptize him. We went to find him in the morning to confirm the appointment, and he was nowhere to be found. He doesn’t have a phone, so we were a little worried. We went to our next appointment in a park with a shy investigator of 20 years, Itzayana, and she was explaining to us that she just broke up with here atheist boyfriend when we saw Alejandro. We jumped at the opportunity to see what he has been doing. He told us a few things, that to the Zone leader Elder Martín made it clear that he was lying, and we decided to follow him; we also decided to drag Itzy with us. We stalked him through the central streets of the sector, Itzayana keeping an eye on him, while us two youth in white shirt and ties stayed out of sight. Suddenly, a member from one of my wards showed up with a 15 passenger white van, and we all hopped in and followed Alejandro to, well, a place all to well known for problems with Question 4. The member gave us a ride and we dropped off Itzy, and we continued working, seeing how clear it became what happened to the prospect baptism for the following day. That is how I became a spy!

A little old and sometimes grumpy lady took us to a little canyon to find a family whose house burnt down two days previous. We discovered that is was a less active family, with many members who are not baptized. We keep offering our service, and teaching them simple messages, but they still need a lot. We talked to a sister in the neighboring ward who works with "Charity Everywhere" and "A Spark of Hope" who may help us with a few of the walls and floors. It is an ongoing process.

To end with last week, we played basketball and soccer from members and investigators from both wards and we ate a bunch of tacos. I ate 17 with a soda, my companion ate 20 with 3 sodas, Alex (member) ate 20 with one soda and his friend Adrian ate 8. 

Last week and even this week we completed with a lot of goals and are hastening the work so much. This last week we found 11 new investigators, taught a ton of lessons with Jorge, and are doing all in our power to increase the workload and the output. It was all awesome- until nobody showed up on Sunday. The attendance was low, and of the 10 families we invited not one soul came to church. Not even Ramon y Fermin, who has their baptism programmed for this Saturday, the 14 of Febrero. I am looking forward to seeing another baptism, and we have translados next week so I should be writing from another part of Tijuana then.

I bought a few t-shirts from el Cuate, Hermano Cuautemoc who has a station in the flea market in the local soccer team. They look sweet!

I know the Savior lives. All we need to do is to construct our faith on this knowledge. He worked many miracles through this mighty principle in his earthly ministry, and He works miracles in our lives today. I know that Joseph Smith developed the faith necessary to ask God in the spring of 1820, and like him all of us can receive an answer to our prayers. I know that this is the true church, and that I know that the Lord has prepared so much for my life personally. He knows us, and Loves us. I am grateful to be in His service, and to help my brethren here come to this same knowledge. I invite all to grow in your faith of these things, and see what miracles the Lord will bring to pass in your lives and families. 


Elder Tobler

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