Monday, May 4, 2015

última semana en Los Altos- ya que encontré mi casita

March 23, 2015

Dear Family,

This week- we didn't baptize, but we did so many other miraculous things! Ramon and Gabby in the last week decided hat baptism wasn't necessary, and that really had my companion dis-animated for a couple days, until I reminded him all of the others we have to invite to come unto Christ We still have a lot of good things occurring and it makes me fells superb to know that finally changes are happening between these two wards. We have the baptismal service of two little girls this week. We have families with baptismal dates for every week en April, and many who are committed to see General Conference the opening weekend of the next month. 

My companion is awesome. I will continue to enjoy serving beside him this last week and entrusting him with my converts the delicate situations that always exist in the ward.

We got to know an American brother who looks like Santa Claus and his wife yesterday. They served us lasagna.

It is good to know that life continues in WJ, although Dad's allergies have returned and has gotten everybody sick once again. :P I hope everyone still feels in good shape to keep staying strong in all your pursuits, spiritual and temporal. It is amazing to hear your interactions with the Elders there, and I hope the Elder returns home with a triumphant heart. This work is amazing, it is a unique time I have to share this message of salvation to all of my brethren in Tijuana, and I hope every missionary appreciates this privilege and responsibility that we have accepted. The Lord is guiding us in all we do, and can continue blessing us in every phase of life we pass through. Help Kenzie prepare for her mission, because I can’t do a whole lot from another country.

He disfrutado mi tiempo en este área, y la mital de la lucha ha sido con mi mismo. Sé cómo ser un mejor líder y cuando enfocarme en las necesidades del barrio o las necesidades de la obra del Señor. He visto progreso, y aun tenido la oprtunidad a ver mi primer converso en Miramar florecer, y él esta a punto de ir a la misión. Sé que todos mis conversos pueden disfrutar del gran gozo del evangelio y quiero ayudar a mas misioneros y investigadores sentir como me siento yo.

With gratitude and lots of love,

Elder Tobler

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