Monday, May 4, 2015

Soy Superman, mas bien seré él

March 2, 2015

Dear Family,

These two weeks have been absolutely incredible! We have had 9 people committed to baptism for a week, with many people in church on Sunday; and then we increased this week, with 12 committed to baptism, more investigadores attending church and nearly everyone progressing! And I have had a lot of fun in doing so. Last week we played basketball with the Zone Leaders and a few of their investigadores on P-day, and we are visiting the world! We have nearly contacted a whole colony en Los Altos and we only see things getting better. We also dedicated two days in the reactivation, visiting a few members in neighborhoods that we don't visit all too often. 

The food here continues to be tasty. Sister Jones spoiled us again last week with a tower of pancakes. Yesterday we ate an all-carne dish, and I still am diminishing the Christmas Stash, now that it's March. 

My companion is also really glad that we are doing awesome He is a tight missionary, but has not had a lot of good companions nor many baptisms. I feel proud to see that he can see the first fruits of his obedience and his true effort. The Sisters are in process of emergency exchanges, so my district will turn inside out. Oh, but the president did confirm to me that I will change sectors for sure in near the end of March. 

Dad, how are the Boy Scouts treating you? I really enjoyed those years in scouting, and I hope you are still enjoying helping other boys become better young men. Let Cami know that I feel her stress of school, if I could help her I would. Tell Ex-misionero Griffin that I still laugh every time I see a bag of skittles, and thank him again for all of the jokes and the joy he gave me.

To add to the letter, it rained yesterday and today. It was well needed, and even though many people didn't make it to church and it changed our plans, we are all very grateful for the moisture. 

The coolest part of the baptismal dates we have is that they are families that are coming unto Christ, not just individuals. The gospel really does bless the home, and we must remain diligent in order to receive the blessings of His mercy and His Atonement. When one home becomes converted, it influences their other family members, their neighbors, their ancestors, their friends, and their posterity. I know that the family does last for the eternities, if we do all we can to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. I have this great privilege and sacred responsibility to assist these families accomplish this ultimate goal. I love the Lord, and I desire the salvation of my brothers and sisters here en Tijuana. I know this is just a moment in the plan God has for every one of us, and I hope to enjoy all of it.


Elder Tobler

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