Monday, May 4, 2015


March 16, 2015

Dear Family,

I forgive you for the missed emails, all is well in Zion for the moment.

We had twelve investigadors at church yesterday! Many progressing, and we have baptisms planned this week and for the next month and then some! We have nine committed to a particular baptismal date, with a few old investigators and the world to contact and invite for the last week in April and in May.

My companion is really cool, undoubtably one of the best missionaries I have been with. He has 7 month in his service and likes paisley ties. He plays American football and is a bit of a kid at times, but is strict when it is demanded. I am nearly opposite, but not one-hundred percent classic Utahteco. I like striped ties, I am a skinny cross-country runner, and I really love Mexican food. I continue eating more tradicional Mexican styles than my companion. I eat pozole with cabbage and salsa; my companion gets spiced out with out extra salsa. I have not even had time to eat the last bit of peanut butter, but it is almost gone.

Our p-days have been really cool; we have been chilling with the zone leaders a lot. Last week we went to Playas to look in the flea market, and this week we looked in our own sector today. We just ate brick-oven baked calzone, a bit pricey, but I really enjoy these brief moments we have to unwind and recharge. Between the interchanges and P-days the Zone Leaders know and trust us well. Oh, and this morning we helped a less-active sister knock down nearly a barrel of lemons. 

I won't lie that makes me bueno, not jealous but strange because I never saw the missionaries at home. I hope they are doing well and that they are enjoying their service and hard work for these two short years.

We are also having a heat spell here, but not nearly so hot. I hope all goes well between working at school and going to school for everybody.

I know that this is the Church of God, I know that we have the chance to receive revelation for ourselves and we have the chance to help those who surround our life. I know that I posses the Priesthood authority of God, and I strive to use these powers to my fullest potential. I gotta go!


Elder Tobler

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