Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Cami Luke 12:24 Raven- Cuervo

There are a million ways to eat half of an agucate, banana, and eggs fro breakfast.  This week for food was normal, and the pizza business here is as crazy as it is everywhere.  They stack two pizzas in a special box, and there are always coupons and notices for food around the sector.  I ate some cheesecake or frambuesa, but as for food that is it.

Missed it, by that much- that is exactly what Alex Haueter likes to quote when success is a breath away. This past Wednesday, we had a baptismal interview for Marcela in order to baptize her that evening, but that morning she drunk coffee! ... We rescheduled her baptism for this Wednesday, and are praying for her and the other investigators we have for Saturday and April.  Has anyone heard anything exciting about the upcoming conference? If so, send me something so that I may share it with the Zone.

This week I have been working hard introduce my sector to Elder Serpa, and it has been exhausting.  He was in Ensenada and Otay, both places are not nearly as poor or as hilly as here, as he has clearly discovered.  It is difficult to remember appointments and to focus our efforts on those who are most important. Although it has been rough baptizing and finding new investigators who wish to progress, the reactivation in this ward has been remarkable.  The majority of this is due to the efforts that I have already done, and the ward has adapted so much to the Work of the Lord.  I did not entirely understand how much these people view us missionaries as superstars, until Elder Jiménez left. The other elders in our barrio had a baptism this week, and the new Zone is working hard and is very effective.

We found a few very ancient investigators this week, and they appear that they wish to listen to our messages again.  If ex-misionero Suave Chad Burrup has a family he would like us to contact, visit, or just to see if they are still living here in Tijuana, feel free to send us a reference.  The next translados [transfers] in the end of April I will probably switch sectors.

I would love to write more, but I just wish to tell everyone that I am grateful for everything my Mom has taught me- how to be clean, how to work with people, and the importance of family time.  This principle of families is normally how we begin teaching our investigators, and daily we share this lesson of the love, unity, and strength we have felt within our families with the Lord's Gospel. I Love my Mom, and I will keep reading your letters.

Sincerely your son, 

Elder Tobler

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