Friday, April 11, 2014

El reloj esta volando!

Dear Family,

I heard that there was a big earthquake in Chile this past week.

As for food, a little bit of carne asada is good for the soul.  My companion was surprised when I ordered a whole chicken from the rotisserie place across the street for lunch this week.  

Oh and for Brother Brent Thomas I learned a variety of words very quickly with the scar on my wrist, but equally I am grateful for those triangle red pencils that you brought to church years ago. I still have one in my Hero's Satchel that I throw over my shoulder every morning.  Other odds and ends that I carry that have come in use or very easily could be needed are some band-aids, my large handkerchief, Neosporin, my flashlight, and the classic mission supplies- folletos, a Book of Mormon, some Liahona's, the very scare pass-along cards, and my very colorful spanish set of scriptures.  I always joke with my companion that while the Testigos de Jehova have umbrellas and sunshades, we carry flashlights.  Elder Serpa does not have a watch, and with the alarms and timers I have on this watch that lasted through the last part of track, we can always coordinate and maintain the missionary schedule.  I will be fine with shoes, because on Valentine's Day the Familia Torres gave me a pair, her husband discovered that they did not fit him anymore. I also received on other recently from a family from Guatemala who live in the ward, plus the three that I brought. All are good shoes, and will last me for a while. 

The weather here has been all to normal.  At least in the first couple of months it was cooler in the morning and normal in the afternoon and evenings, but now it is always a comfortable climate. 

Scripture Masteries rock! Pun not indented (Helaman 5:12)

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