Monday, March 31, 2014

March 17 Elder Jiménez se fue a MexiCali, y Elder Serpa es mi compañero mayor

Dear Family,

This week was full of Stories! Let's begin with the changes in my Zone.  After beginning his mission here, my trainer Elder Jiménez left for Mexicali to be a senior companion over one of the missionaries of my MTC district.  Elder Cortes is still training Elder Anderson in Miramar 2, and Elder Cortes will return home in the last week of April.  Elder Brown de Brigham City, Utah is still my Zone Leader, but Elder Nina left for Ensenada.  Elder Jiménez was a fantastic trainer, and was beginning to lose his missionary focus after being left in the same sector for so long, and I learned a lot from this missionary from itzapaluca(?), Estado de Mexico.  Now I am Elder Serpa's first minor companion, who's has been a bit of everywhere in his first 6 months of the mission.  He is also del Estado de Mexico, and also recently graduated from el Benemerito en Estado de Mexico.  This school is basically BYU on a High school level, and the majority of Mexican missionaries graduated from this school.  That's fine, nearly every Americano es de Utah. :P  

Fantasms! This week while finding a referral from a member we had a ghostly experience.  To begin, I had forgotten many thing in the apartment that day- my tiny Spanish notebook, my pen, my planner, and my flashlight.  That Thursday evening we had a couple of meetings at the church, and in Las Laureles below us is where this address is.  We found the street, even the house (quite a feat to accomplish at times) and we began talking to one of the neighbors, we found out that he was an antiguo investigator from a few years back, and was describing his neighbors up the stairs, in the same direction where we were bound.  " I don’t know exactly what they believe in, but whatever it is it's dark and doesn't feel good at all," he said, but we climbed up the stairs anyway without a flashlight.  We knocked on the door, and a little while later a shadow at the bottom of the stairs we had just climbed said in Spanish that nobody's there, I responded okay and turned around, my companion heard nothing.  We saw another shadow, but as we left the street, nobody walked into the light to confirm ghost or human.

I gotta go, but I love this work and I know that I am guided by the Holy Spirit in all my actions. 

Sincerely your Son,

Elder Tobler

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