Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Translados y Cambios

Feb 3 at 6:43 PM

Dear Family,

This week has been full of changes, goals, and a vision of the future as I better understand the conditions of the mission field. Today is Translados, but both me and my companion are to remain here.  Elder Tepox left to Paradiso this afternoon, and I am going to help the incoming missionaries to my district in just a bit.  Big news for me- Baptism! Marco began taking the lessons with me, and because his best friend is very active in the church, progressed very quickly and was baptized after the regular meetings on Sunday.  This has been my seventh week in the field, and I have been utilizing every inch of my planner, because it is designed normally to hold only six.

The language is going good, and we are receiving at least two even greener americanos in my district alone.  I am going to learn more about he grammar, so I can be a better example for the incoming missionaries.

 It is funny you mention water over there, here we have had a few rainy days, but I don't like how it rains here.  It never rains hard, the air is always saturated with water even on sunny days, and it lacks the smell of rain- it is more just like the absence is excess pollution. the light is short.


Elder Tobler

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