Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lengthening the stride

Dear Family

This past week has been quite hectic.  We have put at least four baptisms for every week this upcoming month, and that is quite a feat for what we have to work with and for what we are currently.  Elder Tepox has some pretty cool music, and we all enjoy listening to the songs on his USB Speaker.  Last Monday I had those doughnuts that we made on P-Day, they were so good.  Today we finally planned time to buy a healthy amount of food for the week, literally, and we have sincerely enjoyed the generosity of the Ward about dealing with the unexpected changes in our schedule as missionaries.  Elder Lira, an elder from Estato de Mexico, also made some delectable chocolates, including lime flavored fudge and coco balls.  We have encountered some investigators who have come to church before, or have many members in the church, which for us leads to many very strange questions to answer.  One is an older man who has a great knowledge about the things on Earth, and has a great desire to find knowledge from God.  The other is married to a less active, and is very intelligent, and we are having to alter the perspectives of our lessons to explain what he knows already and what he needs to know before his baptism.  The little girl we baptized is coming back from vacation.. this week?  We have continued to have success with our splits with the members, and we have made time even to go to the West side of the ward to keep the work going in Elder Tepox's sector.  Today we played soccer for a couple hours with most of the Elders in the zone.  

I can see that as a missionary I have much to learn within my Personal Study Time, and the list is slowly getting smaller.  I understand it will be after my first twelve weeks that I can see what I need to better myself at.  I am six weeks in the field today.  I need to go, but enjoy the pictures. I am grateful to be selected to serve my Lord, and I do all I can to continually serve others before myself.  I know that this is the Church Jesus Christ organized, and i know that My work is worthwhile.  This I leave with you as my continuing testimony until next week.

Sincerely, Elder Tobler

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