Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hasta luego MTC

My time here at the MTC is just about finished!  I have had a wonderful learning experience here spiritually and I have enjoyed learning the language.  Thank you for the package! I apologize I am sending this letter late, but I plan on writing much more next chance I get.  I am saving my present until Christmas, I hope it will be good.  Tomorrow I leave to Tijuana, and my flight leaves much later than most missionaries at 11:17.  I will call Dad in the morning while I'm at the Airport, around 8:45-10ish. Thank you for telling me the details about Kenzie's accident, I am glad to hear she is doing so much better.  I want to thank Nikki for being so kind and helpful here at the MTC, it was nice seeing a familiar face.  How are the holidays been going for everyone? The Truck sounds like it is giving you a lot of problems, Dad, I pray you can still work things out between vehicles and travel. I wish I could write more, but I need to go.  I wish everyone a happy holidays, and I will write before Christmas! Thank you Mom and Dad for you love and support in my life, thank you to my sisters for the joy they give me!


Elder Tobler

The above letter was sent Sunday December 15th. Sorry for the late update. When he talked with Mark on Monday his spirits were high and he was very eager to get into the field. We can't wait to hear from him again.

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